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Review of Secret Spy Phone App TheTruthSpy (I Spyoo) in [non-rooted] Samsung S4

Display of Threaded SMS conversations

Testing and review of secret spy phone app TheTruthSpy (I Spyoo) in [non-rooted] Samsung S4 was more difficult than I had imagined, due to the number of warnings being popped up.

Warnings received (FIVE!):
1.  “Do not install this app:  It can be used to spy on you!”

The rest of the warnings were avast and clean sweep.  To see more warnings that were generated, go to You Can’t Install Spy On Android Apps in Five Minutes!

samsung warning1






When attempting to log into the truth spy on this phone, I continued to get “incorrect email/password or problem with server”.  Yet, I went right to my online browser and logged in immediately using the same credentials.  Exited, typed everything in again and still no luck.

One more time, and in.  Taken to device admin screen to allow thetruthspy to be a device admin.  Then choose CONFIGURATION; and HIDE ICON.

Took me back to a warning from one of the apps telling me that a virus/malware was installed.  Even though highster was installed, and I was able to set Highster to be ignored from the virus scanner, I was having problems finding “ignore” option for the truth spy as it reported it as MALWARE.  I exited out and it stopped flashing a virus warning … for now.

Decided to reboot the phone.  TIP:  If you are installing spy apps or parental apps, ALWAYS reboot the phone before returning to the target.

After the reboot, go to downloads, and DELETE the truth spy APK file.

Then go to AVAST, where you will see “Security Risks” that you must resolve.  Choose the file that it says is “dangerous” and left click the phone — you will see the option “Add to ignore list”.  Click that and avast goes “green” again.

If you are still logged into the control panel of the truth spy, log out and log back in to allow it to reset to the new phone being added to the account.  Go to settings -> sync settings and change what you want to monitor in the control panel.  Then click update for the online panel and the phone to sync.

One of the biggest reasons for installing TTS in the Samsung S4 was to see if it was able to do “more” than what I experienced with non-Samsung brands.  As a reminder, the Samsung is not rooted, meaning that many of the additional features were not going to work.

What features worked with the Samsung?

1.  GPS immediately locked on location and displayed on a map on my control panel.  If you read my other reports, GPS NEVER displayed on the non-Samsung phones.  So seeing GPS display immediately was a surprise.

2.  SMS Messages were immediately uploaded to the control panel online.

3.  CALL Log / History was immediately uploaded to the control panel online.

4.  Ambient Call Recording (“Room Bug”) worked fine and without delay.

5.  If Data is OFF, TTS turned data on.  But it didn’t turn it off after use!  I manually turned it off and within a few minutes, it was back on.  And when I updated the instructions to use WIFI ONLY, it continued to activate the data channel.  So it worked, but it also didn’t work correctly.

[If the phone you are monitoring does not have a data package all the time, this is a problem as it will continue to use the money in the account (if prepaid) or continue to bill the user for data use (if postpaid).  Three days after installation, I had to remove TheTruthSpy from the Samsung s4 because I could not make TTS stop turning the data channel “on” — costing the user almost $2USD each day.  Highster Mobile is still installed and did not give me that same problem].


And what features did not work?

1.  Contacts from the phone did not display in the online control panel.

2.  URL history did not display in the online control panel.

3.  Picture History did not display (but I had it turned off and didn’t activate because the phone has GCloudBackup).

4.  Nothing that required root worked of course .. that means NO facebook, NO Whats App (note below), NO Line, NO Skype, etc.

The Truth Spy does state that Whats App messages can be delayed by as much as one day if the phone is not rooted.  That means I have to wait 24 hours before I can tell if this feature works.

Two days later, WHATSAPP messages STILL were NOT SHOWN in the control panel.  This was supposed to work without root, but never did.


6 Comments to Review of Secret Spy Phone App TheTruthSpy (I Spyoo) in [non-rooted] Samsung S4

  1. rag says:

    After reboot TTS is not working. Do you know any fix for this??

    • admin says:

      The only known fix … U&R. Uninstall and Reinstall. Something that can be very difficult to do when the phone is not in your possession often.

      I had to U&R TTS on some phones 4 times! You also need to make sure you are running the latest version of TTS (6.11 as of the date of this reply). I am finding that newer versions of TTS are improving some of the bugs.

  2. rag says:

    This is the only site with reliable information. Fantastic job!!!!
    I too tested few apps. But none are working after reboot. If my target reboots the phone I think that’s the end of the spy app.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I want to spy on my b/f because I am not sure what or who he is up to, but I need to know. I have seen apps here and there, but never know which one to go with. Now I am reading about all of these warnings and crappy support and I am more confused than ever.  Can you offer advice?

    • admin says:

      I must point out first, that to be legal, you must have the right to spy on anyone’s phone.  It is your phone, on your account that you pay, and they have given you permission to monitor their phone — then you should be fine. 

      As to advice?  You can see by reading any of my reviews that good programs don’t work on some phones; and bad programs work better than good programs much of the time. 

      How long will you have the target phone for?  A few minutes, hours or days?  What type of phone is it?  Brand name Samsung, running 4.0+ Android; Samsung running latest Android 5.1.1; or no-name/off-brand phone.  Is the phone rooted?  Because if not, you aren’t going to monitor very much information.  If it is not rooted, can you root it?  If you only have the phone a few minutes, you aren’t going to root the phone?

      Was the phone carrier branded?  In other words, did this phone come from “Sprint”?  Carriers do strange things to their phones and this adds new issues to the monitoring.

      Unfortunately I have given you more questions than answers, but they are all questions that anyone should consider before installing any type of spy app.

      Good Luck.

  4. kam says:

    Error login "too many connections"
    I bought a GOLD plan but receiving above error message.
    Sunday morning it started to just load and load for ages,
    Then i got following error message.Error login "too many connections"

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