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Installing,Testing & Review of Secret Spy Phone App TheTruthSpy (ISpyoo) in Elephone G5 and Elephone P6i & Lenovo A916

GPS using Ispyoo does not work

A secret spy app — one that does not have an icon and does not identify itself by name in the running process list, but provides various reports and data to a remote dashboard.

There are so many of them on the internet — and unfortunately, many of them are distributors/resellers of other applications, make the process of choosing one more difficult.

spy app the truth spy to catch cheating boyfriendFor example, I chose “Thetruthspy”.  I didn’t know at the time that this website provider was nothing more than a white-label distributor of “ISPYOO”.  I joined, paid, and the first time I installed the software on the target phone, the anti-virus and security software went crazy identifying the install as “dangerous” and further identifiedis my girlfriend cheating on me the author as ISPYOO.

(Other white label distributors of Ispyoo I found were mobistealth, exactspy, hellospy, exactspy, inospy, guestspy, mxspy, spy1dollar, copy9, intelmobi, spytoapp, MaxxSpy, 1topspy, MobellSpy, IspyIphone, phonetrackingapp …)


It bills itself as “undetectable”.  It requires you to jump through hoops to get the virus control programs (Avast Mobile Security) to STOP popping up warnings about this app!  And if you have Dr Security installed, you must disable it, as it will NOT stop warning the phone user that this app is installed on the phone!

The sales pages state you only need the target phone in your hand 5 minutes to install this monitoring software.  That is bullshit.  Rebooting and getting anti-virus and other protective software to IGNORE the spy software you are installing will take a lot more time than 5 minutes!

I have it installed on three phones, two of which are rooted.  What is my opinion of The Truth Spy / ISpyoo?  I THINK IT IS A PIECE OF s**t.  Yes, I know that isn’t very eloquent, but it is the absolute truth.

I paid $149.99 (per year) for the “gold” plan which allowed installation and tracking of up to 3 devices.


1.  **GPS reporting DOES NOT WORK**.  I have three phones on the account, two of which are rooted.  All have Location reporting ON, and I can see the location on Google Device Manager and Google Location History Reporting.  But in this app, it always reports “Your selected day, from …, has no record.  Please choose another day.”  It doesn’t matter what day, NO GPS LOCATION OR HISTORY WILL BE SHOWN.
GPS using Ispyoo does not work

That alone is enough to tell you this junky app doesn’t work.  You can also press the “Get GPS Now” button on the same page, and no GPS will be reported.  Yet I can go to Google and get the current location and history.

2.  There is NO SUPPORT Are you reading that carefully?  NO SUPPORT.  No one will answer your emails regarding problems like the one mentioned above.

thetruthspy syncing2

3.  The sales pages say you can monitor WeChat, WhatsApp, Skype, Line and more.  In your monitoring dashboard, click on the history from those applications, and all you see is “There are no data records.  Tips to make your account to have data logs” with the second sentence being a link to the settings page.

At the settings page, choose adjust settings.  Here you can choose WHAT to sync with the remote server.  Everything is checked.  Except that there isn’t a sync setting for WeChat!  Any many of the items are listed as “IOS Only”.  The sales page doesn’t identify many of those as “IOS ONLY”; you don’t find out the limitations until you have installed and paid for the software.

I’m using WeChat with the target phone; nothing appears on the server.

Regardless of which application “history” you choose, there is no data.  And since I know for a fact that the apps are installed, and working, and should have current data since I sent many messages to the phones, the problem is with the spy software.

4.  Picture History Does Not Work:  There is supposed to be a history of pictures taken.  Click in the dashboard to see thumbnails.  Does not work.  “There are no data records”.

Remember, this isn’t a test with only one phone.  I INSTALLED THE SOFTWARE ON THREE PHONES, FROM DIFFERENT MANUFACTURERS.  Two of the phones are rooted (and verified as rooted) and one is not.

The online dashboard often becomes sluggish to the point of being unresponsive.  You stop and walk away for a few hours.  The remote web app (custom app for accessing the dashboard) is easy, but only accepts log-in credentials about 1 out of 10 times.

SO, What DOES work?

1.  SMS History.  Accuracy is all over the board between the three phones.  One phone updates about 98% of SMS’ sent and received.  One of them as low as 15%, as it hasn’t sync’ed in over a week, even though it has had internet access, and is powered on, and is either on battery or on charger.

2.  CALL History.  Same as above.  For example, I’m looking at the SMS history one one phone, which is updated current; but the call history doesn’t reflect the call made today that I am positive was made (but doesn’t show!).

I can see where calls were made in the call log, but not shown in the recorded call list.  I also know first-hand of calls that were made that aren’t listed in the call log or recorded call log.  As I said – buggy, at best.

3.  URL History.  Shows URL’s visited on two of the phones.  The third phone is a Lenovo and has its’ own browser which can’t be modified.  The spy software only monitors NATIVE ORIGINAL android browsers

4.  Recordings of Phone Calls.  So far, I see it working on only one of the phones (the Lenovo).  Checked again, and only the Lenovo has had any calls recorded.  Downloading the call took substantially longer than it should.

The non-rooted Elephone recorded a few outbound calls.  I have read where non-rooted phones can only record outbound; incoming calls won’t be recorded.  I was surprised to see any recorded calls however.

(BTW:  are you monitoring someone who speaks another language? Perhaps a girlfriend in another country?  Someone on fiverr can provide you with a written transcription in YOUR language of this phone call, so don’t devalue the benefit of this feature because of language!  Same is true for the “Ambient Sound Recording” feature.)

5.  Contact History.  Shows the contact name and ONE phone number stored in the phone contact list.  Multiple numbers stored with a contact name are not shown.

6.  Ambient Voice Recording.  So far, I see it working on only one of the phones (the Lenovo).  However, it worked better than I thought it would and was quite clear in my test.

This happens when the control panel gets sluggish also.  It doesn’t think that the phones have internet connection when they actually are connected to the internet.  As of this writing, I made it work on ONE phone only ONE TIME!  Additional attempts on subsequent days failed; then it worked one time again (on the Lenovo only).

Tried to access both rooted and non-rooted Elephone brand phones.  Does not work.  The Lenovo works sporadically.  Sometimes it worked and I could hear about 5 seconds out of every 60 recorded.  The rest was silence.

7.  Facebook history.  I do see facebook messages from each phone, however, I notice that if they access facebook through a browser and not the native application, no information is recorded; no facebook messages are recorded in that situation.  So when someone else uses their phones and uses the browser to access facebook, you won’t see any messages.

However, two days after writing the above paragraph, the user of the phone sent multiple facebook messages to me.  Not only do none of these new messages show up, but all of the previous messages are deleted.

And facebook history does not include what is posted – only what has been sent via fb mail.

Months later, thetruthspy REMOVED the ability to monitor Facebook and has not issued any reply to our emails about WHY facebook was removed.  (8-28-15)  UPDATE:  weeks after this post, Facebook was added back to TheTruthSpy monitoring.

8.  Photo History.  I don’t want to write that this feature works, because it uploaded four out of a gazillion photos to the server.  But to be fair, it did upload four photos from the ones taken by the camera (Lenovo phone only).

The non-rooted Elephone uploaded ONE photo to the server; even though a dozen were taken.

Here is how to get a better handle on their photos / videos being taken, by monitoring the “backups” of their phone.

As you can read, parts of the program work — but what good is a tracking program that doesn’t provide GPS location?  That is the most frustrating part of the software.  [UPDATE: TheTruthSpy monitors ONLY GPS; if GPS is not “on”, then nothing is tracked; it cannot track by cell tower of WIFI ID].

There is another program I want to try — called Highster Mobile.  I plan to install that one on another phone and test how it works.  Check out the next post for my review of Highster.

There is also one called Android Monitor and 1mobilespy that sounds promising.  I may give that one a try as well.

UPDATE (Weeks Later):  There is no way to describe this app except “JUNK”.  Out of three phones, one hasn’t updated in a few days; one has no updates in a week; and the third still hasn’t updated for 3 weeks.  I even tried the SMS command telling it to “sync”, and CONFIRMED that the phones have internet (3g or WIFI).  Yesterday, in the “call recording” section, the Lenovo had 20+ recorded calls.  Today, only the error message “There are no data records”.  All of the recorded calls were deleted and never appeared in the account again.  It is a waste of money and time.  Thetruthspy / Ispyoo and all the other resellers of this software should be skipped — you WILL be disappointed.  I prepaid a year. :(

SECOND UPDATE:  Be sure to read my later reports where I tested this app in a Samsung S4.  It worked better but I had to remove it from that phone due to other problems it caused!   The Elephone P6i that I mentioned hasn’t updated in 3 weeks, STILL hasn’t updated five weeks later.  When I get the phone, I will try one last fix:  uninstall and re-install the software and see what happens.  I will also install a second spy app to these Elephones for testing.  And after a complete factory reset, I re-installed thetruthspy in the Samsung S4.  Keep Reading!

10 Comments to Installing,Testing & Review of Secret Spy Phone App TheTruthSpy (ISpyoo) in Elephone G5 and Elephone P6i & Lenovo A916

  1. lorayne says:

    Hi was wondering how i could get this ispy ware off of my phone ? if i factory reset my phone will it erase it completely… Or..?,

    This is an updated….I sent wrong email.

    • admin says:

      Usually a factory reset will eliminate most spy ware. However, that isn’t always the case — and you didn’t mention which one is on your phone. If you know it is on your phone, then you must know the hidden app name (if it is hidden); you can search for that name and there might be information on how to remove.

  2. wendy says:

    I currently am using this software. I have used several before this, and prepaid for several months only to find out they were spotty in service at best. TTS is no different. As the writer explains, support NEVER contacts you back.

    Ambient recording works most of the time on my samsung note 2, but has NEVER worked on the note 3 or note 4, even though it would show that it was recording.

    As he explained, data would be there, (Call logs, SMS, etc) but then they would be “wiped” for some reason, and never come back, or only partial data shows up.

    The GPS feature is trash. The auto answer feature worked ONCE on the note 2, and has never worked since on any phone. TTS says to send an SMS message with a code to the target phone to activate ambient listening, but that the SMS will NOT show up. LIES! First, it doesnt work, second, it shows up on the target phone, and then I get a response back asking WTH is this!?!?!?

    I havent had an issue with the photo history option, although Im convinced that it selects random photos from the gallery of the target phone, and not the “last 10” or all or anything that makes sense.

    Web browsing history seems to be the ONLY thing that is consistent in working. Call recordings SOMETIMES can be listened to, otherwise, the files are either corrupted or just wont play.

    I would NOT recommend this software to ANYONE. Save your money, and research research research before you buy.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Wendy, yours is the first comment regarding the NOTE line of Samsung phones. Thanks for providing your experiences and information!

      I can’t agree more about the GPS feature! Even if nothing else worked, one would think that this basic feature would work — but as you pointed out, it does not.

      TTS knows their software is crap. That is why they do not reply to any emails EVER. It is also why they sell their software under many brands, hoping to contain the damage caused by people who have experienced their service first hand and shared it on the web.

      So far, I know that Ispyoo is the “parent”; then you have TheTruthSpy, exactspy, inospy, guestspy and mxspy, and possibly maxxspy.

      Wendy, the sad thing is that fake review sites which resell these programs are better at search engine optimization, and consequently end up in the first 10 results. That means that it takes much deeper searching to find out the negatives and bad posts from people with REAL experience. Thanks again for the post!

  3. Paul Weber says:

    I downloaded and junked this software as well. For many of the same reasons, I found that this software was useless and I knew I could get better features that actually worked. Great review!

    • admin says:

      Paul, the sad part is that I have not found an application that “works every time”. I had high hopes for FlexiSpy, until it stopped updating and FlexiSpy support opined that the installation was corrupt. Look at my other reviews, and you will see that over time, TheTruthSpy has provided some success. It is an especially attractive spy app when you consider that you are allowed to monitor 3 phones at the same time. Of course, in my case so far, all 3 phones never worked at the same time! Maybe the latest versions will improve the stability of the app.

    • Jobeth says:

      You need to root and mod it. Use the link below at your own risk. Once you have Cyanogen up and running, you should be able to DL flash from the Market. I would suggest paying 5$ for Rom Manager to make iniotllaastn and backups, etc, easier, once your phone is rooted. Good Luck!

  4. Aroughton says:

    Deleted text messages are not coming up? The Gold plan stated that deleted text messages will be captured but they are not!

    • admin says:

      Hello Aroughton,
      I have not experienced this myself — but I did read about similar issues with other software, when the text message was immediately deleted upon receipt. I can’t find my original notes, but one of the apps stated in customer service that the message had to be on the phone for at least 2 minutes, which was the “cycle” time of that particular app. Interesting point, however, and thanks for the comment.

  5. Sandy says:

    Hi a couple of days back I installed the thetruthspy firmware on a target mobile phone – Moto G 2nd Gen.  I found Watsapp tracker not to be working at all (eventhough they promised it will on trial pack) and calls recorded were not at all audiable, seems either they were corrupt or they have deliberatey kept it like this for trial version.

    Not going to waste my money purchasing this junk

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