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Keyloggers and Password Recovery


Mspy lists a feature called the Keylogger.  In reviewing the logs, I don't know if it actually captures hidden data (ie: passwords) or not, as none are shown in the demo.  I also don't know if using a "special" keyboard is required.  I have found in the past that keyloggers required you to use the app's keyboard.  With kids however, that won't last as they enjoy choosing fancy keyboards, and keyboards that you can put pictures behind the letters.

Mspy v Flexispy keylogger


Flexispy also lists a keylogger-type feature in their top-of-the-line subscription … and it operates in more detail than Mspy.  Flexispy doesn't call it a keylogger however because it doesn't capture live key strokes.

With Flexispy, any installed application that requires a password is tracked and displayed in the control panel.  That includes email and other apps, which would allow you to go and access the accounts directly.


Flexispy Keylogger Password Cracker

flexispy password cracker

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