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Listening To Surrounding Room Noise LIVE!

monitor surrounding sounds with room bug live

I have written many posts about using the ambient or surrounding room noise features before and I have always commented that there was NO "live" monitoring in TheTruthSpy — even though the software indicates the availability:

monitor surrounding sounds with room bug live

In fact, I have installed TTS in a half-dozen phones now, and tested most of the features in detail.  And never have I heard "LIVE" monitoring of the room bug — UNTIL YESTERDAY.

If you have read some of my previous posts, the installation of TTS in the Samsung S4 failed two months ago, and I was not able to get to that phone until recently.  After uninstalling the old version, I installed the latest (at the time) version of 6.10 (there are newer versions since this one).

Imagine my surprise when the sounds from the area surrounding the target phone begin playing through my computer speakers (with the volume on loud!).  I was shocked.

Just as described in the capture above, within a few minutes of the program activating the microphone, I was listening to the ambient room noise using the "room bug" feature of TTS — and I was listening LIVE in REAL TIME.


Out of the three phones on the account, one is running 6.9; the other two running 6.10.  I was attempting to log on to the control panel and see if the other phone running 6.10 (the Samsung J7) would respond the same, but the TTS control panel was unavailable.

TheTruthSpy Control Panel Unavailable to monitor the room bug

TTS could be a decent software if they could keep removing the bugs in their software, and provide support to buyers, something that is highly doubtful.

But regardless, I was excited to see that a feature that was supposedly available since the beginning is actually working!


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