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My Lost Android and Cerberus – Part 3

my lost android

Having my lost android phone really made me angry.  Especially knowing it really wasn't lost; it was now a stolen phone.  Because of Cerberus, I knew where the thief was, within 20 feet — but it wasn't worth the risk of bodily harm to go and visit him.

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lost android cerberus find my mobile

My next step was to begin taking screen shots of my lost android and hopefully catch him using the phone.  If I could catch him "in use", I could switch to screen capture video, and I might see more of his accounts.  My goal was to see the front page of his Facebook.

Unfortunately for me, the "screen recording" function didn't work.  I received a video with a black screen of my lost android.  The audio sounded like a television.  I didn't try again as it took a long time to receive the file and it didn't appear to work.  In hindsight, it was possible that he was not using the phone, meaning it was locked and there was nothing to record.

lost android

lost android

Grabbing screenshots worked well.  Within a few minutes of sending the command, I would receive a screen shot of what was on his screen at that moment.

The first screenshot from my lost android showed the phone still configured from the day it was lost.  Obviously he had not started making changes.  Here is how it looked when he first got STOLE the phone.

lost android

The next images show the various change he made while I was grabbing images.  At least the screen saver he was using was a pretty girl.  

lost android   locate my phonefind my mobile






The next image was his Facebook, but I could never catch it open to the screen that provided any useful details.  And next to that was him playing with various settings in the phone. 

find my androidstolen phone






Up to now, I had been stealth.  I had not sent any messages to the phone or tried to contact him.  I was trying really hard to build up enough information to make him realize it was in his best interest to return the stolen phone.


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