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MEGA Backup Review – First Impressions of Mega Cloud

my experience with mega cloud backup

From my “GCloud Sucks” post:

I looked at the 50gig free Mega service and its Android app and there are fewer options than GCloud.  But it does have the ability to “select all” and move files to a new folder in one step (which would allow me to easily organize the kids pictures into folders by date to keep up with the downloads of their pics.)! I will play with it for a few days and see how I like it; and if I decide to change, I’ll create a new post about my experiences.  Keep watching for my Mega Backup Review.

It will be a few weeks before I can really work with this app but it appears to be worth a try.

In the first few minutes of playing with MEGA, I created a new folder, moved existing photo to the new folder, and downloaded this folder as a zip.  This was not a true “loaded” test because I didn’t have enough pictures stored to truly test speed.   But everything that I did so far was easy, and shows me that what I wanted to do should work.

Plus, it is kind of difficult to argue with 50GBs free when Gcloud only gave 1.5gb.  I’m sure you have read my difficulties and frustrations with Gcloud and why I wanted to find something better.  I hate to get too excited too soon, because there are NO reviews on Mega that I could find.  But Mega seems “easy” so far and that is a plus.

As a reminder, I installed Gcloud on all my kids phones, but after using it almost one year, I just don’t like it!  I want something better and easier.

ONE NEGATIVE, (although to some, it may be a benefit!), is that MEGA does not upload/backup your photos PRIOR to the installation of MEGA.  In other words, when you select “enable camera uploading”, only new pictures will be backed-up.  There are no other settings to “backup all photos on phone” etc.  I was wrong!!  Keep reading.

Why do I do this?  Creating Folders “which would allow me to easily organize the kids pictures into folders by date to keep up with the downloads of their pics”.  I move a copy of all of their pics to my local computer; and from there, I sort the photos into folders by date and activity.  In the past, I would upload the pics by new “category” (my date and activity title) onto their facebook.  I may or may not keep doing that; but I will burn all of their photos onto CD’s for their future memories.  So, I’m lazy, and would like the easiest way possible — especially since one of them takes almost a gig of pics per month. :(

Cell phones have certainly changed the volume of pics that kids have access to today!  I waste a lot of time organizing them all, but I hope that someday they will be happy to have the old memories.

Two features I think are missing from the backup services I have seen.  One is the ability to set a “switch” to do a full backup of all photos on the phone (as in when you are installing a new backup service) or begin incremental backups as new pictures are stored.  And Two, the ability to tell the backup program which folders to backup and/or which folders to avoid.

For example, there is a program called frames.  It allows you to make neat frames for your existing photos.  Kids like it, as it is creative and gives them something to do.  But it stores a new photo of the framed photo in another folder.  I don’t care about these revised photos as the originals are already in a backed up folder, so I would ignore this folder for backups if I could specify.



I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t uploading my pictures.  I had it set “Enable Camera Uploads”; and I had it set to “WIFI Only”.  But none of my photos were being uploaded.  I set and re-set these two options a few times making sure that they were accepted.

Then I looked in the settings file and found that “Only when charging” was checked!!  I unchecked that because I wanted it to upload the photos whenever I was on wifi; I didn’t care about whether it was charging or not.

I noticed within a few minutes that a new folder was created called “Camera Uploads”.  And once photos began uploading, I noticed it was uploading ALL photos on my phone taken by the camera — regardless of WHEN they were taken.

Previously I thought that Mega only uploaded pictures after the date you installed the app.  I was incorrect.    All of the photos in my phone began to upload.

And the photos were being displayed with labels showing the month and year that the picture was taken.  Photos are displayed in thumbs and are displayed in a nicer format than Gcloud provided.

my review of mega cloud storage for android

my experience with mega cloud backup



I pulled down my status bar and noticed that mega was reporting its current “status” at uploading, showing how many photos were to be uploaded, and how much space (in MBs) the photos consume.  I should have started a timer on this process but I didn’t.

status bar showing mega backup uploading pictures



The next test once my photos are uploaded, will be to download the folder to my computer and then delete the folder of all my photos on Mega.

I want to know whether Mega will attempt to upload them from my phone again, or whether it “remembers that it uploaded them the first time”.



This is a dream.  Click the picture and Mega puts a “check on it”.  Then click the three dots at the top and choose MOVE TO … choose the folder and you are done (or press the add folder icon and create a new folder) – pics are moved.

mega backup moving pictures to folders

mega android backup

creating new folders on mega android backup



DCIM folder on my sd card; so far, anything I have added to that folder is being backed up by Mega.  It is not backing up the DCIM folder in the internal memory of the phone.

It is not backing up my “Pictures” folders, which is where screen shots are.

It is also not backing up any other picture folders, such as the ones I created to move and sort the photos on my phone.

And since I don’t have all the other cameras and picture-frame programs that my kids have installed, I don’t know whether they will get backed up or not as I don’t know what folder their images are stored under.

There is an option to backup another folder in the settings, but I haven’t figured it out yet.  That will be post 2.

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