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Secret Spy Apps and Dual-Sim Phones? Will they Work?

secret spy apps do not work well with dual sim phones

secret spy apps do not work well with dual sim phonesSecret Spy Apps and Dual-Sim Phones?  Will they Work?  The answer is not completely.

As I continue to test various parental control, monitoring, spy apps, "catch a cheating spouse apps", and anti-theft apps such as Cerberus, I find a common denominator — none of the spy apps work correctly with DUAL SIM phones.

For example, the previous post about Highster Mobile installed on the Lenovo A916 talks about what works and what does not.  I decided to not discuss the issue of dual sim as part of those reviews, and bring it up later – ie: now!  Highster does not see, report, or record much from the second sim.  For sure, no SMS are being recorded.  I see calls made from the second sim are being listed — but listed as if they occurred on the first, or main sim.

The Truth Spy / Ispyoo has the same quirk.  It doesn't monitor and record what is happening on the second sim.  It doesn't acknowledge that a second sim exists.

Cerberus anti-theft does not report that a second sim is installed.  If you have Cerberus poll the phone for status, it will report only the first sim information.

Of course dual-sim phones are not as common in the US, and are mostly concentrated in Asian countries where prepaid phone services are the norm rather than the exception.

But just like everything else with these services, you need to be aware of the limitations regarding the spy apps on DUAL-sim phones.


Another good example occurred this week:  On the Lenovo a916, the first sim was removed and put in another phone for the week.  The second sim was left in its number-2 place.  Highster Mobile was able to see ALL calls made by the second sim; but was NOT able to see the text messages SENT or RECEIVED using the second sim.

And it isn't just "dual sim" issues that will give you trouble.  Changing to some messaging apps will prevent any sms from being reported.

Android pseudo-generic browsers "tweaked" by the phone manufacturer will also be ignored and no urls will be reported.  Some of the spy apps tell you that the browser must be "generic Android" or "chrome".  When I had issues with browsers, I switched the target phone to chrome and was able to receive url logs.

I have read where the latest version of Cerberus is working correctly with dual-sim phones running Android 5.1.  That is a change for the better and I'm happy to see them continue to update their spy app oops! I mean "anti-theft app".

Dual sim phones are gaining popularity, but I don't see them becoming a staple in the US, as they are in Asia – and as such, I don't see spy app developers rushing to upgrade their software to support dual-sim use.

In fact, many of the spy apps haven't been updated in many months, to a few years.  That shows you the level of support and improvement that most display. :(

Updated 11-16-15:  Flexispy, the epitome of top notch spy apps, recently acknowledged that their software doesn't run correctly on dual-sim phones, and obviously, do not support any dual-sim phone.

flexispy support dual sim phones gsm

Original date May 27, 2015

2 Comments to Secret Spy Apps and Dual-Sim Phones? Will they Work?

  1. Tony Biller says:

    Ah, two SIM cards. That is something that I didn’t even think about. Mostly because smartphones in the United States do not have to worry about that, but OVERSEAS, that is another story. Great point you make here!

    • admin says:

      Yes, dual sim phones have really added additional issues to testing spy apps. I am trying to stay away from them as much as possible, especially after my recent experience with the brand-new dual-sim Samsung J7 not working with Flexispy; and Flexispy disavowing any support for dual sim phones at all! I never should have bought the J7 because of the dual sim feature.

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