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Online Chat with FlexiSpy Support

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2, 2015:  Even though I was not happy with the chat with support, I chose to buy Flexispy instead of Mspy for my next monitoring experiment.  The results of my installation and testing of Flexispy are here.

Here is what I wrote dozens of pages back:

FlexiSpy:  $349 (!!) per year for one device.  Flexispy still provides call recording and ambient room recording features on their most expensive plan.  An excellent feature is the ability to select WHICH contact you want to record calls.  That prevents a waste of time and bandwidth because you only record the calls you want to listen to.  If you do not need the call recording features, the annual fee per year is $149.  Usually flexispy is compared to mspy and usually is shown as “$349 vs $199”.  However, mspy doesn’t provide call recording — so it is more accurate to compare the $149 flexispy package to the $199 mspy package.  Flexispy also has threaded SMS message display on the control panel to make it easier to following texting conversations.

I wrote the above statements while I was finalizing which software to buy and install next.  The plan was to use Mspy but Flexispy kept getting my attention because of the lower price for what seemed like the same features.  So I decided to have an online chat with flexiSpy support.

Until I had a chat with the flexispy support group and realized that flexispy does not offer the same features as mspy.  FLEXISPY DOES NOT WORK.

Here are the big differences for my particular needs:

1.  Flexispy tracks location only by GPS and not by cell tower or wifi estimation.  Flexispy can’t turn GPS on.  [Mspy tracks by GPS and cell tower, and can turn GPS on and off].  That means you must keep GPS on all the time in the target phone!

Here is why this is bad:
a.  Keeping GPS on all the time is an un-necessary waste of battery power. 

b.  Your kids (the target phones) are likely to be inside of a building most of the time, and GPS won’t be available!

Keeping GPS on all the time means that GPS will continually be trying to find a satellite (because flexispy will be telling GPS to provide the location).  This will reduce battery life as much as 50% in the tests that I ran!

Plus kids are often indoors.  Therefore tracking with the cell tower location provides you with a location that is slightly less accurate but still within the general area.

2.  Flexispy does not identify the name of the WIFI that the target phone is connected to.  [Mspy does identify and show the name of the connected WIFI in the control panel].

If you need call recording and room recording, then you need to choose the advanced package of flexispy (or take a chance with thetruthspy/ispyoo) — because these are the only apps offering recording ability.

Here is my chat with Flexispy support in June of 2015:


ME:  Hi … a few questions … what tracking methods does flexispy use … if location services is ON but GPS is off .. . 1) will flexispy turn GPS on and off as needed and 2) does it track by mobile cell towers and 3) will it report the WIFI name connected?

“christine”  [agent name]
FlexiSPY allows for completse control over the tracking and location of the device. Using FlexiSPY’s location tracking feature you can easily and quickly track the device from inside your online account. What’s more is that FlexiSPY allows you to view the historical location of the device allowing you to instantly see a path of all the known places that the device has been. This information allows you to then quickly see where the device has been over a specified period of time.


ME:  ok, that was copy and paste … right?  because it isn’t what I asked you at all.
ME:  Three questions … do you need me to write them again??

“christine”  [agent name]
once, the GPS is off it cant connect,
it cant track mobile cell towers

ME:  Thank you that answers the first two … the third question — does your software report the name of the WIFI that the target phone is connected to?

“christine”  [agent name]
no, it cant report it,

2 Comments to Online Chat with FlexiSpy Support

  1. Jason White says:

    These spy apps seem all good to go, but as I read through some of the reviews, I get nervous about whether I should use one. Have you ever been confronted by the people you are tracking in your experiences, or is everyone notified that you are tracking them?

    • admin says:

      There are some apps that place icons in the notification bar to alert users that the phone is monitored. I think that alerts and icons are best for corporate phone monitoring, as most employees either sign waivers or otherwise acknowledge that the employer has the right to monitor company phones.

      In the home and family environment, I think the apps need to be completely hidden, with no icons or notifications. Challenge a tech-savvy kid today to find a way around monitoring apps and he will! I prefer that he only know that I can see his location on a map or get an email if his phone is stolen. I wrote about a child’s right to privacy here on elinks, and I think that every parent has the right and responsibility to protect their children from online threats — AND temporary lapses in judgement!

      As to being “confronted”, I can only assume that such an incident would happen when a parent discovers a very bad indiscretion — so serious that it requires intervention and disclosing the source of the proof. Then again — Underage child, lives in the parent’s home, uses a phone supplied by the parents, with monthly service paid for by the parents — I see only two choices. Your phone is monitored; or you have no phone.

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