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Parental Control Facebook: TheTruthSpy Removes Facebook Monitoring

Facebook Parental Control

[UPDATE 9-8-15:  Even though TheTruthSpy nor Ispyoo have replied to any of the emails I have sent reporting that Facebook monitoring was no longer working, I notice that TODAY, Facebook Parental Monitoring is again working, and the logs are filled with Facebook chats]

Yes, its true!  Parental Control Facebook:  TheTruthSpy Removes Facebook Monitoring!

Yesterday and today, when accessing thetruthspy control panel, I noticed that I could no longer monitor my kids Facebook chats.  The “Facebook” link has been replaced with something called “OLA history” which I think is a messenger from Vietnam.  And if I enter the previous Facebook log url, I am taken to a price page — meaning that it was not “accidentally” left off the control panel page — IT IS GONE.

Facebook Parental ControlOn the left is my control panel menu from the truth spy, with the capture taken on 8-21-15.

Ignore all the “NEW” indicators, as all of them except “Ola History” has been on the control panel since I started.

As usual, there is no notice on TheTruthSpy or Ispyoo websites to indicate what is going on with Facebook and why it was removed.

In fact, both still show you can monitor Facebook with these programs.

I’ve written to TheTruthSpy to ask why Facebook was removed.  I do not expect a reply as they have NEVER replied to anything for as long as I have been a customer.

Update 8-22-15:  “Auto-Reply” from TheTruthSpy received. 8-27-15, sent another email to support, yet no reply received.  Again, sent another email, no reply.  See update at end of this post.

(PS:  The “Key Logger History” does NOT work on Android, even though their sales literature MIS-leads you to believe it does.)



Parental Control Facebook No more monitoring And on another (rooted) phone that is running “Highster Mobile”, you can see that it also is unable to monitor Facebook, reporting “No Record Found”.


UPDATE:  10 days after original post.  TheTruthSpy has failed to reply to any of the three emails I have submitted.  Each time, I receive an auto-reply telling me they received the email and would respond shortly — but they never do.

Since TheTruthSpy is really Ispyoo in disguise, I decided to visit their website and view their demo.  I found that the information shown in the Facebook log, was the EXACT same information (username, message time, and message) as what was being shown in the SMS section.  In other words, the Facebook log of ISPYOO is also not working, which confirmed what I initially believed.

DO NOT BUY THETRUTHSPY or ISPYOO if you hope to monitor Facebook!  As of right now, they are NOT providing FACEBOOK monitoring, but are not acknowledging that they have a problem.

As of 9-3-15, I have submitted support requests through the ispyoo and thetruthspy websites; and sent multiple emails requesting clarification on what has happened to facebook.  There has been no reply (other than the “auto-reply” as mentioned previously).   I have been submitting these requests for more than two weeks.

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