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Prices of Discreet Spy Apps for Android Phones

how much money do these clowns want?

Some Spy Phone / Parental Control Price Comparisons.  Mostly these are my working notes on spy app prices and the various discreet monitoring apps that I have found.  It is difficult to keep track because many of the apps are "white labelled" and resold under many names:

The Truth Spy / Ispyoo  (REVIEWED):   $149.99 per year for up to 3 devices included. (still has ambient sound and call record features active)

$126.99 per year for up to 3 devices included.  (this is another re-packaged ispyoo (thetruthspy) seller, except that it is cheaper to buy exactspy.  PS:  They advertise a "keylogger" but be careful – it does NOT work on Android.  The control panel is the exact same as thetruthspy].

Other white label sites have different prices:  $119.99 per year for one device. Other sites with their name $126.99 for 3 devices.  I looked at their demo, they show phone recordings; they also show threaded SMS which makes it so much easier to follow an sms conversation.  Interestingly, it lists "yahoo" as one of the messengers it logs.  It appears to track only by GPS and not by other sources.  Data available 15 days only. Some items in the control panel are worded EXACTLY like Ispyoo/TheTruthSpy making me thing this is a repackaged version.

(Other white label distributors of Ispyoo I found were mobistealth, exactspy, hellospy, exactspy, inospy, guestspy, mxspy, spy1dollar, copy9, intelmobi, spytoapp, MaxxSpy, 1topspy, MobellSpy, IspyIphone, phonetrackingapp …)


I'm really glad the Ispyoo guys have a sense of humor!  On some of the sites, they advertise "Reply within 4 hours maximum"!  But they are being honest — you will receive an AUTOREPLY response that they did receive your email.  But you will NEVER receive anything else!!!  This company does NOT provide support!

No such thing as support for spy apps


Highster Mobile (REVIEWED):  (also "auto forward spy", and "easyspy" and "surepointspy");  $69.99 one time fee per device.  I have found that easyspy(.info & .net) and ilfmobileapps(.com)  and gravityspy was also "highster".  If you find a web sales page stating that highster can record audio, or take pictures remotely, the page is FALSE — many such pages were used to advertise resellers links to Highster.  Highster does NOT offer these features.

FlexiSpy:  (REVIEWED):  $149-349 (!!) per year for one device.  Flexispy still provides call recording and ambient room recording features on their most expensive plan.  An excellent feature is the ability to select WHICH contact you want to record calls.  That prevents a waste of time and bandwidth because you only record the calls you want to listen to.  If you do not need the call recording features, the annual fee per year is $149.  Usually flexispy is compared to mspy and usually is shown as "$349 vs $199".  However, mspy doesn't provide call recording — so it is more accurate to compare the $149 flexispy package to the $199 mspy package.  Flexispy also has threaded SMS message display on the control panel to make it easier to following texting conversations.  (Have tested this and found it to be incorrect).

1mobilespy  (REVIEWED)::  $69.95? (or 19.95 – 39.95) per year for one device.  Latest buy page is $29.95 per year but their billing company no longer bills for them!  ("The following products you are attempting to purchase are no longer sold through our service, …")  (The only one that mentions taking pictures using front or back camera; but most of web site not working). They list ambient recording, and record phone conversations as part of their features.  They don't monitor viber or wechat.

[UPDATE: no more login page, appears to be out of business  The next morning, I tried to connect to the login page and the service was available.  There was a "live chat" button active on the home page so I asked "support" why their login was down yesterday.  The reply:  "Ok, it is back.  Up and Running".  Which is NOT what I asked.]  When the LOGIN Page is unavailable and the service doesn't take responsibility and admit what the problem was, I have no respect for them.  I won't be reviewing the software.  Who wants to install and pay for software but then not be able to access the control panel to review the data???  [UPDATE AGAIN:  Control panel is gone again!  and their billing company won't bill for purchases!  I would avoid this like the plague]

1mobilespy in chat (REVIEWED):  GPS tracking and location service ONLY.  Has stealth install, $2.99-$5.99 LIFETIME one time license per phone.  Free tracking for current location, but not history.

TiSpy:  $70 (paypal) per year for one device.  [Also offers a $10 for 15-day trial to see if all features work on your phone. Has also added a two-day FREE trial.  Having a free trial and limited trial got my attention.] Supposedly does not monitor wechat; and monitors other EVEN if not rooted.  Supposedly has ambient call record (room monitor) and records phone calls.  In faq, requires MANUALLY activation by sms of some features like facebook.  Shows SMS messages one-at-a-time and NOT threaded, making it more difficult to follow.  Reminds me of a modified Highster app.

AndroidMonitor  (REVIEWED):  $37.20 per year for one device.  24-hour free trial.  Has an online demo and some parts (like facebook messages) are terrible.  Interesting program – but demo is based on samsung s4 – fyi.  However, if you are using brand-name top-end phones, it would be worth at try at $37.20 per year (paypal) … or even trying the 24-hour trial subscription.

MSpy:  $199.99 per year for one device.  (10-day free trial???) (found a page for $159/yr  I also found 15% discount coupons at Mspy, reducing cost to $169.99/year.  Has settings for each individual item as to whether to update via wifi or cellular.  The demo for mspy shows better features and layout but only lists major branded phones as compatible.  ("It is invisible? mSpy is inconspicuous").  The MOST advertised app.  Does not use sms commands to phone – all commands come from control panel.  Email sent to mspy regarding phone compatability.  Supposedly has keylogger working for android phones 3-2015.  Also reports that they do NOT record phone calls or ambient recordings (room bugging)!!  (Reviews  Says location is trackable without GPS:  "Identify their location even when regular GPS is unavailable."  They also display cell-tower ID now to show where the person is connected to a wifi.

FRom mspy about deleted messages:  mSpy application is able to fetch text messages only in case they were kept on the target device for at least 2 minutes. This is required since mSpy scans the target device every minute and checks whether sensors have any updates. Unfortunately, in case the text message was deleted just right after received / sent, there is a big chance that it will not be fetched


CellSpy (REVIEWED):  (  2500-Rand (ZAR) (approximately $181USD per year).  I discovered this app by accident, as they don't appear in any regular searches for spy apps in the first 20 pages!  But if this software does what its sales pages profess, it would be an incredible discovery!

Background recording (ambient surrounding noise), SCHEDULED background recording!!, Remote Video capture, SCHEDULED remote video capture!!, Remote Photo Capture, SCHEDULED remote photo capture!!, plus all the "normal" activities such as monitoring SMS, Call Logs, IM chat services, etc.  Some of these features require activation by SMS which may be a problem when phones don't hide the incoming SMS'.  (Also see


spytomobile:  about $30/month, appears to be short-time use service; very interesting demo for using GPS; seems to be main focus.  Other services not as strong.  Is "widget based" which makes installation more difficult for some.


letmespy:  offers a limited FREE installation (offering last 5 SMS, 5 locations, etc.), and a paid version of $19.00 per month, that isn't unlimited as it allows only last 100 of each.  Tracking, SMS logs and Call Logs ONLY.  Those "free" messages or locations is PER MONTH!  Application "can be hidden in launcher" meaning it is not invisible.  The free version appears to be more on track to be an anti-theft service.





Teensafe:  $14.95 per month (unlimited number of devices to monitor???) [Teen Safe offers a one week free trial.  Limited features — NO Line or Viber as part of monitoring capability]

ikeymonitor:  $99.95 per year for up to 2 devices included.  Says they can deliver all keystrokes (ie: keylogger to get passwords).  Also offers $499.99 LIFETIME license!  Also says it can deliver regular screenshots.  (They offer a free downloadable [neutered] demo). NO gps for Android.  NO CONTROL PANEL – all info is emailed or ftp!  Can capture screenshots; Website appears to "oversell" its ability using "all", "every", etc., such as "Record all messages that users post on the social networks."  Everything is uploaded to server, but also available by email or ftp (Apple), if desired.  NO call recording, no surround sound, no remote picture taking. 

mobile-spy is also phonesheriff!: $139.97 per year for one device.  (The ad page says it identifies the CELL TOWER that the phone is using by location name; I haven't noticed that feature on other apps [UPDATE:  M-spy added cell tower ID feature to their software shortly after I wrote this).  By Retina-x – a Florida, USA company.  Interesting features.  Demo was made using Ios and not android.  June 24, 2015, internet rumors indicate that the icons can't be hidden on the target phone.  I have NOT tried or verified this rumor.  When I went to the faq for mobile-spy, the page has references to phonesheriff indicating same ownership.

I have been reading more on mobile-spy and have found the following:  Supposedly, you can block apps from being used remotely, monitor the youtube app (!), as well as see a LIVE view of the target phone's screen!  That would be an interesting test to run.

BUT WARNING:  According to the site, it pops up warnings to the target phone that they are being monitored!  An ICON IS SHOWN on the monitored device — "PERMANENTLY VISIBLE"!

xnspy:  $149.99/yr for one device.  Has unique "watchlist" feature which provides Alerts on Watchlist Words, Alerts on Watchlist Emails, Alerts on Watchlist Phone Numbers and Alerts on Watchlist Places.  Provides instant screen capture, but NOT the ability to access cameras. Records calls and ambient surroundings.  Displays conversations in control panel in "threaded" easy-to-read form.  Updates require manual installation.  No call blocking.  Internet full of FAKE reviews. :(


Spyera:  $389(!!) per year for one device.
OwnSpy:  $218.99 $224.99 per year for one device.  One of the worst – demo looks like it was created by a child.
We discovered that when spyera is installed, it shows in the logs that "ownspy" is installed, leading us to believe these companies are the same.  Also, I noticed that Spyera control panel and Flexispy control panel is the SAME!

MobiStealth:  $139.99 per year for one device.  One of my complaints about apps that record phone calls is the inability to specify WHICH calls I wanted recorded.  In other words, I know the phone number of the boy that calls my daughter and that is the only number I want to record calls from.  MobiStealth advertises this feature in their DEMO.  "Phone Numbers to Monitor for Call Recording:   Mobistealth allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls on target phone. You have option of either selecting all calls or selecting up to 5 phone numbers whose incoming/outgoing calls will be recorded. You can change the selected phone numbers anytime."  Also advertises room monitor recording in the demo.  HOWEVER:  the features page DOES NOT list the call recording or room monitor recording features!  According to other pages on the web, these features are not available (confirmed: all call recording and surround recording has been removed!).  I have written to the company an email (6/17/15) as well and will post their reply.  Too bad – the selective recording feature was a no-brainer winner for me!  Supposedly tracks with GPS or by celltower/WIFI in case GPS is unavailable!  Keeping with the "secret spy app" tradition, customer support never replied.


spySMSpro:  This is a new-to-me spy app that I found completely by accident.  What shocked me was the price:  $30/year and the sales statement:  "With one subscription you can monitor numerous phones".   Monitors "text messages, call history, and contacts" ONLY!


MaxxSpy: (also known as MobellSpy, IspyIphone,): $119.99 per year for one device.  I looked at their demo, they show phone recordings; they also show threaded SMS which makes it so much easier to follow an sms conversation.  Interestingly, it lists "yahoo" as one of the messengers it logs.  It appears to track only by GPS and not by other sources.  Data available 15 days only. Some items in the control panel are worded EXACTLY like Ispyoo/TheTruthSpy making me thing this is a repackaged version.

TheOneSpy: $140.00 (lite) -$215.00 (xtreme) per year for one device.  Demo available online; SMS are not threaded.  Control Panel responds SLOWLY.  Upload settings are on and off only.  Sales data shows it can "record calls", "mic bug" (ambient room recording), and "camera bug" or remote activation of camera.  Must activate some features by SMS; "mic bug" will only record 2  5 minutes!  Requires installation of TWO packages (theonespy and "catalyst"). Installs one of them as "android service administration".

Room Bug and Call Recording only available on the xtreme package.  Sales data shows that you can take pictures of the user with the front or rear camera; I could not find any proof of using that service in the control panel.  They also advertise an "unlimited device switch" feature which is beyond confusing as they say "switch between several devices that you wish to monitor, … able to spy on various devices simultaneously."  Perhaps if your ONE target has a tablet and an Android, you can monitor both at the same time included with the price … and all data merges together?

TheOneSpy does NOT monitor facebook, wechat, whatsapp, viber, etc.  NONE of the social apps are monitored.

Mobiespion:  The Own Spy is somehow tied to this company, although the One Spy has features listed that are NOT listed in Mobiespion. 


SpyMasterPro:  $49.95/basic or $84.90/pro one time fee?  Updated website shows $79.99 and $99.99 PER year;  (supposedly still has surround sound listening and call record).  They show "phone pairing" as a feature — providing the ability to monitor phone calls in "real-time".  MISLEADING!!!!  Front page says "ONE TIME FEE! THERE IS NO RECURRING CHARGES" but the FAQ shows "duration of the tracking service is 1 year. After that if you still wish to continue with the tracking service, you will have to purchase a new subscription, as there is no renewal of your former subscription."  I don't know which one is correct!  Also have sent them an email to ask (6/17/15).  And never received a reply.

CellPhoneSleuth:  $49.95 per year for one device.  Account setup allows you to add multiple phones to same account but you must buy license per phone.  $3.95 ONE DAY TRIAL!  It says it LOGS text messages — doesn't say you can read them!  FAQ does not display.  No control panel demo; Location only by GPS.  Seems pretty crappy however.

mobipast / spytic:  $29.99 per month.

getsnooper:  $29/mo; terrible website.  No reviews.

zealspy:  Supposedly free; supposedly doesn't upload any data to any servers; you must access the program on the target phone to review data?? or it says it will email the data from the target phone to you "periodically".

Spy-Phone-App:  Interesting application, but don't know how legit.  $40USD per year, plus extra ($40/yr?) fees to have ambient call record and phone call record.  IS NOT HIDDEN!  "added a notification on the target phone" to inform the target that the phone is monitored.  But installation video shows the "notification" is optional.  Allows you to take pic from front or rear camera, as well as the recording functions, but ALL MUST BE ACTIVATED BY SMS.  The functions aren't built into the control panel — which means that your sms might be seen by the target.  Has an 80-page detailed instruction manual!   Website only displays correctly in chrome; payment link DOES NOT work; website shows no update since 2012.

GetInfoApp:  $147.99; looks like ispyoo.

Pumpic:  $83.99/yr, maybe monitor 3 phones.  a new app as of 2015.  Interesting features including the ability to limit the number of SMS' your kids may send in one day. Also presents chats in conversation (threaded) view.  Lists calls made with Skype and WhatsApp and Facebook, but DOES NOT allow you to hear the recordings.  One reviewer warned that after uninstalling the software, he received a telephone call from Pumpic wanting to know WHY he uninstalled it and wanted a refund!

FlexiMobile:  $299USD/yr. has websites in US, UK, FR, DE, etc.  Offers white label program to sell their software. (Fleximobile Ltd, is no longer a valid company registered in the UK).  Facebook page not updated since 2014.  No reviews online.

Added 12/11/15:

Vspyme:  $150USD/yr; records calls and ambient sounds; allows you to choose to record calls from certain phone numbers only: No Line, or Wechat monitoring.  NO FACEBOOK MONITORING.  Charges extra per year to get "premium support"; autoupdates without touching target phone.  shows status of syncing; conversations in linear (non-threaded) display mode.  Does not monitor viber calls; does not monitor sticker use in chat applications;

MobileSpyAgent:  $75USD/yr; absolutely nothing impressive about this app after looking at their website.  No recordings, no audio, NO SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING, Pretty much offers call history, SMS history, GPS tracking and photo monitoring.

SpyPhoneTap:  $199USD/yr; TERRIBLE website; Has call recording and room surrounding recording; DOES NOT MONITOR ANY SOCIAL MEDIA (ie: whatsapp, viber, facebook).  Like everything else, no real reviews on the web.


Mobile Guardian:  a TRUE parental control app; does not provide any monitoring of messages, calls or social messages (facebook, wechat).  Allows you to block apps, installation of apps, features, camera, restricts time to use phone.  About $35usd per YEAR.

kidtrackmobile:  $85/year; doesn't track any of the social media accounts.


Our Out-of-Business / Discontinued List:  IGNORE any sales information you see on the internet on these programs.

Children Tracker (  Says that it tracks everything like the others do; however, it shows in your "installed apps" as children's tracker (v2.9 supposedly fixed that).  On a positive note, it has TWO YEARS of comments from users on their website.  7 day free.  About $25 per year, and says includes FIVE devices.  However, NO reply or updates on website for months making users think it was abandoned for any updates or improvements.  (4/7/15 email sent asking if they still support app, no reply after two months.  OUT OF BUSINESS).  Website giving security warnings now (10-16-15).

PhoneSheriff:  Discontinued

Top Spy:  Discontinued

StealthGenie:  Discontinued

RioSpy:  Discontinued

MobileSpyApp:  Discontinued

InnovaSpy:  Discontinued

sneakpro:  Discontinued


Probably True Viruses:




4 Comments to Prices of Discreet Spy Apps for Android Phones

  1. Travis Pauly says:

    Well, most of the tracking apps that work with the GPS are going to run that battery down pretty fast, don’t you think? Also, it is nice to see some of these apps have a one-time license fee per phone, that is really helpful!`

    • admin says:

      Yes, I tested GPS and Battery Life and found that GPS really did suck a battery dry. However, that is why it is so beneficial to be able to use a tracking app that can rely on WIFI and MOBILE CELL TOWERS for location determination.

      Unless you need to see EXACTLY within 50 feet where someone is located, you are better off monitoring the “general area” where there are. In my case, I only cared about knowing the general area of town — or that they were going on a trip out of town that I didn’t know about!

      On the other hand, Cerberus, when installed as a system app, will TURN ON the GPS when you instruct it to, and give you the exact location, and then turn GPS off. This becomes your backup if you really need an exact location without killing the target’s battery.

      And yes, you are correct. Cerberus also has a one time fee for using it. But be careful not to use Cerberus too much or you will get banned.

  2. Nestor says:

    I’ve a issue about the post, where can i make contact with the creator?

    • admin says:

      Hi, at the top of every page is an “EMAIL US” link.  Feel free to fill out this form and tell us about your concerns.  Thank you.

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