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Remote Access To Your Phone’s Video Camera

remotely activated android video

In my post on What is Missing From Spy Apps, I was questioning why none of the spy apps on the market include the ability to capture video using your phone's on-board video camera.  I also do not understand why so few applications provide for the remote activation of the camera for picture taking.  Here is that section again …

Remotely Take VIDEO using Camera Front (or Rear) Camera:  I have not found any spy app software allowing you to take a video remotely ( ie: take a video of the surroundings of the target phone).  In other words, remotely activate the video camera, and activate it to record for a specified number of minutes; store the recording on the phone, and upload to the control panel when connected.

Cerberus allows you to capture video remotely …

cerberus capture video

… but do it two or three times and get your account blocked, and your phone's IMEI number blocked!

cerberus blocked account for TOS violations


I have once-again taken to the web and began searching for any apps that provide remote access to the Android phone's video camera in order to take secret videos of the target's surroundings without them being aware.

HERE ARE MY FINDINGS SO FAR:  Unless marked "tested" or "reviewed", I have not verified that anything posted actually works!

1.  Remote Video Android (      Free App.   (How to Use:

"Remote Video" Android application helps you capture video from your mobile remotely and view the video online once its uploaded.
✔ Captures video/audio silently without the user getting to know.  20 second video maximum.
✔ Can be triggered remotely from our website by logging in.
✔ Capture video from Front/Back Camera.
✔ Option to Download and delete video
✔ Upload notification will be sent to registered email id.

This app is designed to capture video only.  It is not a full featured spy app.  According to some posts, the target will notice a decrease in volume if they are listening to any audio or video programs when the remote video command is issued.

2.  TrackingSmartPhone:  Free Remote Monitoring App for Android.  (

This is a full-fledged FREE spy app that provides all the "usual" features such as location tracking, call/sms logs, pictures (but does not mention IM services such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.)

However, it provides remote access to the video camera!  "Record Audio or Video and view it online".

Following are the features of Spy Call Recorder:
✔ Call and SMS Logs with Location
✔ Record Call as MP3 and stream it online.
✔ Capture audio upto 30 Min
Capture 20 Sec Video from front or back camera
✔ Get Gallery / WhatsApp / downloaded Picture
✔ Get Gallery / WhatsApp / downloaded Videos
✔ Get Browser History
✔ Get Application List
✔ Get Contact List
✔ Lock screen Remotely
✔ Change Pin remotely
✔ Vibrate / Ring Alarm / Show Message / initiate a call all remotely
✔ Get Location history of places visited
✔ Get Device info of battery, wifi and Location status.
✔ Hide Icon Completely
✔ Uninstall protection
✔ Enable Mobile Internet via SMS
✔ SIM Change notification via SMS
✔ Ring Siren and Take Picture when multiple unsuccessful unlock attempt is made.
✔ Control all features via SMS commands.


ACCORDING TO THE WEB, IT IS NOT HIDDEN AND DISPLAYS A NOTIFICATION ICON: "To be strictly in compliance with Google Play Policy, we will be showing notification in top bar whenever any info is uploaded to website. Details will not be uploaded automatically it will be pulled only when user logs in to the website and request for information. Details are stored securely in server located in US. Users can opt out anytime and clear the details from server either through mobile or from website. The app cannot be used as spy app as app icon cannot be hidden and notification cannot be disabled. Please read EULA carefully before accepting."

FOUND ANOTHER POST that shows that you CAN hide the notification icon as the app is no longer downloaded from Google Play Store.

It does NOT send anything to the control panel until you log in and tell it to update the panel. At the time you try to "pull" information to update the control panel, the user MUST be connected to internet.

It is also listed as a free software???

There is a post from the author about It:


3.  CellSpy / Guardian.

CellSpy:  (  2500-Rand (ZAR) (approximately $181USD per year).  I discovered this app by accident, as they don't appear in any regular searches for spy apps in the first 20 pages!  But if this software does what its sales pages profess, it would be an incredible discovery!

Background recording (ambient surrounding noise), SCHEDULED background recording!!, Remote Video capture, SCHEDULED remote video capture!!, Remote Photo Capture, SCHEDULED remote photo capture!!, plus all the "normal" activities such as monitoring SMS, Call Logs, IM chat services, etc.  Some of these features require activation by SMS which may be a problem when phones don't hide the incoming SMS'.

My first attempt at installing CellSpy didn't work out, but based on the surprising high level of support I have received, I will again be attempting an installation in the next few weeks.  I'm still really excited about this software based on the listed features.

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