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Rooting the Samsung S4 & Installing TheTruthSpy

spy software on the samsung s4 rooted

What is next?  Rooting the samsung S4 & installing TheTruthSpy.

I decided to take the next step and root the gt-i9500.  I am using the Kingo Root App (free) — Kingo is a “one-button” root app that I have used on other phones successfully.

I followed all the instructions on activating USB Debugging so Kingo could access the phone; connected the phone, and witnessed two drivers that failed to load.  Until those two drivers were installed, Kingo could go no further.  The drivers are “CDC Serial” and “Samsung_Android”.  Now I was concerned.

After doing 30 minutes of research and reading, I discovered that a download of drivers from “Samsung Kies” would solve the problems.  I downloaded and installed the drivers; plugged in the phone again and immediately the new drivers were found and Kingo went to work performing the root.

During the root process, don’t touch anything; not your computer; not your phone; not the cable.  And don’t get scared when you see that “nothing is happening”.  There were spots of 15 minutes or so where NOTHING changed.  But that is part of the overall process.  So be patient.

After 35-40 minutes, the Samsung s4 reported to be rooted.

Once rooted, I downloaded “thetruthspy/ispyoo” apk and installed it.  That went without a problem.  Opened thetruthspy and tried to log in from the software (as required) — and it would not accept my log-in credentials.  No matter what I did (reboot, re-enter all credentials, etc.), I could not log in.  Since this is the step that registers your new phone or “target phone” as they call it with the online panel and the registration server, not being able to log-in puts a stop to the entire process.

I went back to my downloads folder and attempted to re-install the apk by clicking on it.  Only then did I receive some of the screens that I needed (the Super User request, and the Device Admin request).  After agreeing to those screens, the program acknowledged that it WAS connected to my account.

In my control panel, the Samsung S4 was shown and was listed as “rooted”:

spy software on the samsung s4 rooted

I clicked over to the device settings in the TTS control panel and made a few adjustments about what to monitor and how often updating should occur.  Online GPS was immediately updated with the current location.  I have actual GPS turned off, and I am indoors, so the online map shows accuracy within 350 meters (1100 feet).

I don’t have the sim card in my possession that will reside in this phone, so I won’t be able to test all the features that never worked on the non-rooted Samsung S4.  Because without a sim card to verify, whatsapp and viber won’t function.

I’m thinking of buying a sim ($1.00USD here in Asia) and experimenting with these features that never worked correctly before!  That will give me a chance to see what happens when the sim gets changed (something that can create problems for some of the spy apps).

At 10pm on the night that I rooted the phone and installed TTS, I turned GPS off (keeping location on).  However, something went wrong and location service was off when I checked in the morning — I must have made a mistake the night before and accidentally turned location off.   This prevented any updates to the GPS location section of the online control panel.

I turned location service on and set for “battery saving” mode of wifi and cell tower location determination at 9am today to make sure that tracking would occur with GPS off.  Five hours later, I can see location updated 23 time to the control panel between 9am and 3pm.  Accuracy is listed on the screen from 25 to 300 meters, depending on the entry.

If you are following along, The Truth Spy was working in the rooted Samsung S4 ...  Keep Reading …..


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