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Fake Online Reviews of Spy Apps

fake spy apps

Fake Online Spy App Review Sites are hurting the industry.  The "reviews" are either copied directly from the spy app's main site, or the authors are paid to "create" a review for a product they have never used.

I've complained about this before on this site because I find it so frustrating trying to get real-life experience with the various programs.

And then mixed in with the fake review material are links using affiliate codes so that the website collects a commission for sending you to the affiliate that they just "rated so highly with their review".

What makes me even madder is when a website knowingly lists links fraudulently so you think you are going to another site, but are really going to the affiliate spy app site, where a cookie is being placed on your computer.

Here is an example:

Fraudulent and Fake Spy App Reviews and Review Sites

Look at the paragraph beginning with "for which they can … ".  The phrase "Qustodia – FREE parental control software" is a "hot-link".  When you click the link, you think you will be taken to a FREE parental control software page.  Everyone wants to check the free stuff first, right?

Only problem is, when you click on the link, you are actually taken to the link shown at the bottom of the screenshot — which is an affiliate link for the spy app "Mspy".

So this site has done two things really wrong: 

First, their reviews are tainted, sales material of Mspy.  They aren't from real users of the software.  But they present them as "REAL".

Second, they have used misleading anchor text and link ID's to trick you into clicking on their affiliate link, so that they can stuff the Mspy cookie onto your computer.

Please help us promote — we are trying to present GOOD and valid information and REAL user reviews and experiences with a variety of the SPY APP!

You can help by posting our URL ( where ever you see discussions about SPY APPS — to let those posters know about the true information we share.

Thank you.


PS:  Think we are kidding?  In October, 2015, Amazon sued 1000 spam reviewers who were submitting fake reviews to the Amazon site!

And take a look at fiverr … hundreds of people offering to write and record FAKE ONLINE REVIEWS for $5USD.

Fake Online Reviews

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