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Spy On or Monitor Facebook Chats and Messages

facebook spy

Spy on or monitor Facebook chats and messages is a need that many parents have, but are not sure how to accomplish.  Spy App developers bombard the internet with "spy on facebook", "facebook spy" and "spy facebook" optimized search engine pages.  [I counted 1.2 million pages available on the above search terms!]

The goal is to capture and log all Facebook chats so that they can all be reviewed at the parent's convenience.

But, Facebook has made accessing the data almost impossible with "3rd party apps".  So developers had to find other ways to access the information — and that means getting the data OUTSIDE of Facebook.  Put differently, you can't use an app to log into Facebook and capture/save the chats you want.  You must find ways to get the information AFTER Facebook has delivered it.

Facebook spying comes in THREE main forms:

1) Capture all Facebook activity on an Android or IOS phone using spy apps like those reviewed on this site.  The phones must be rooted/jailbroken to monitor Facebook.

IF your child logs into Facebook using the messenger program, the spy app should capture both sides of the chat/conversation, which you will be able to review.  BUT, what none of the spy apps tell you is that it is EXTREMELY easy for kids to bypass your monitoring of their Facebook chats.

If they log in to Facebook using their phone browser rather than the downloaded Facebook app, NOTHING will be recorded or monitored in the spy app.  You will NOT see any of the chats or conversations.  Because when you open a browser, nothing except the URL you enter is captured!

[And if they stop using the standard browser, or in come cases, Google Chrome Browser, you will not see ANY url tracking].

facebook spy

spy on facebook

My two kids are with other extended family this weekend and they only brought the older one's tablet.  The younger one is the one whose Facebook I need to monitor, and she is logging in through the internet browser on sister's tablet — meaning I will see nothing of her unrestricted weekend of "Facebooking". :(

Facebook also has the built-in function of audio chatting and calls between users.  That means that your kids can record audio messages to their Facebook friends or have live conversations (ie: Facebook phone calls) that you CAN NOT monitor.

Facebook Audio Chat

This is what you see in TheTruthSpy when the target is using using FaceBook messenger to talk to their friends with either short audio messages or Facebook-to-Facebook calling. You can't monitor or hear what is being discussed. I captured this example in TTS, but none of the other spy apps I have reviewed can capture these audio messages either.

I find it amazing that spy apps can monitor and record phone calls and room surround noise but CAN NOT monitor and record the audio chatting and calls made with Facebook Messenger.

[UPDATE:  I reviewed the sales page on Flexispy and noticed that you are able to monitor and hear "all audio messages" from Facebook.  You might remember that I have Flexispy installed in one of my target phones, and it stopped working last month.  Since I won't be able to access it for at least another month, I won't be able to try this particular feature.  FLEXISPY RESPONDED and stated that they can monitor "audio messages" send through Facebook, but NOT Facebook "calls" between Facebook Messenger users].

Flexispy Facebook Audio Messages

This is an image capture from inside my Flexispy account, on the "Facebook" page. I didn't pay attention at the time, but this was an audio message sent to the target (monitored) phone and I was able to hear it clearly as part of Flexispy monitoring.

Spyera (the most expensive of all apps @$389/yr) sales pages make mention of monitoring "audio" chats & calls through Facebook ("Facebook Voice Calls") …  Android Monitor also makes mention of "audio files" through Facebook but not calls.  I'm trying to clarify both].

BUT!  Spyera and Flexispy have the EXACT SAME CONTROL PANEL, making me believe they are the same company.  If that is correct, then Spyera can't provide Facebook calls either.  Hmmmm


Be extremely diligent when reviewing spy app sales pages.  This capture from a sales page is an example of how you need to read clearly:

facebook tracking calls and audio messages

It says "TRACK chats and calls". It does not say "record" or let you "listen to" these chats and calls!! Read carefully!


2) Capturing all Facebook activity on a computer.   If your child uses a computer, you can install "loggers" or "pc spy apps" that will capture everything your child does.  I do not recommend any of these programs as I have not used or tested them.  I am only including their names for you to have a starting point on what to look for.

Gigawatch — Pc monitoring software, but only monitors Facebook TEXT messages.

Facebook-Recorder — sales page states it is designed to capture all Facebook audio chats and voice calls on the monitored computer.

Most of the programs for PCs are referred to as "keyloggers", and will not track any audio conversations in Facebook (or other social media programs).


3) Capturing Facebook activity from computers located on your private network.  It is not necessary to install monitoring software on every computer in your house, according to programs like IMMonitor Facebook Spy and Facebook Chat Monitor Sniffer.  I'm sure there are many others available, but these are the two that I found first.

According to the sales data, you install the program from your main computer and the program goes to work monitoring all the traffic on your internal, private network, capturing and recording all FaceBook text messages being sent and received.

Just like with previous disclaimers, I have never tried it and do not know if or how it works.


Another way that parents can monitor their child's Facebook, is to log-in to the child's account on a computer while the child is on their phone.  All chats will be presented and updated live as they occur — but that means that the parents must sit there and stare at the screen in real-time — something that most of us do NOT want to do.

Also if your kids are hiding their tracks, they will delete each message from their local phone as soon as it is sent, so "snooze and you lose".

What I don't understand is why there is not a program that "mimics" a real-person (since Facebook has blocked 3rd party apps); allows you to log-in to the account you wish to monitor and then goes to work capturing every message that is sent or received without you sitting in front of the screen.  There must be a market for this.

If you don't have your child's Facebook password, take a look at "hexspy" browser plug-in to capture Facebook access information … or so I thought!  According to their sales page, if the person actually clicks "LOG OUT" of Facebook, you can not access the account.  I don't see the value of this program at all — Everyone LOGS OUT of their account — especially when on another person's computer.

Therefore you are back to needing a "keylogger" on your PC to capture everything that is typed to get the username and password.




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