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Spying on Facebook: The Facebook Hack

facebook hack

It is the largest social media site in the world and has redefined how people communicate. Once thought to be a site for kids, Facebook has proved most wrong as the site is now used predominantly by persons over 18. In fact, many adults are telling their adult friends – “Don’t send me email – send me a message on Facebook”.

Android SmartPhones (and the Iphone) have also changed how we access social media and our email by giving us the power of a computer inside the convenience of a hand-held phone. That portability has led to the desire of parents to monitor and track their children’s phones, sms messages, and Facebook conversations. Parents can no longer sit in the living room next to the family computer and supervise what their kids are doing – because now the kids have access anywhere with the smartphone.

When can you read someone’s Facebook messages? If you have installed a phone monitoring app, you will be able to see all messages send and received without knowing the password; without logging in to their account; and without worrying about missing “deleted” messages. And all of this is done remotely at your convenience.

When can you NOT read someone’s Facebook messages? Unfortunately if your kids are accessing Facebook through a browser (default browser or Chrome), you will not be able to capture any of their messages. This happens often in Asia, where free cellular internet is provided for persons to access Facebook free-of-charge through the browser. In this case, you would need to make sure your child has internet on their phone and only uses the Facebook applications.

Contrary to what many believe, and the news media would want you to believe, “mobile tracking apps” are PARENTAL CONTROLS when used to monitor the actions of their children. They are not viruses, or Trojans, or potentially-unwanted-programs … Yes, it is an app that allows you to spy but you are spying on your children – something you should be doing as a parent.

With the help of Facebook hacks and monitoring apps, you can make sure your children do not fall victim to activities that might ruin their lives. For example, sexting. Sexting can represent written explicit conversations, or it can include nude and semi-nude photos being sent between a couple of people, or an entire group of people And when one of the people decides to engage in cyber-bullying, those nude photos can be submitted publicly for the entire world to see.

Look at the article from CBS News “Sexting Leads to Child Porn Charges for Teens”. The teens who took and sent the pictures where 13-15 years old. Depending on the prosecutor and the state, these children can be forced to sign the sex offender registry for life!

Or the case in Britain where two 17-year old lovers sent nude photos only to each other, only to be discovered and charged with child pornography. Each is facing up to 10 years in prison and a lifetime of registration on the sex offender registry.

The world we live in has changed and you must protect yourself and your children. Cell Phone “Spy Apps” designed to hack facebook and spy on the Facebook messenger conversations is now a mandatory item in your arsenal to keep your children on the right path.

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