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Support Ignores Me Now Because of My Bad Reviews!

No support from cellspy and intertel

At the end of last year, I installed CellSpy in two different phones.  In the first installation (which failed), CellSpy support was quite good with their responses, and pretty much blamed it on me.  I accepted that, and wrote that installation attempt off to various errors and a phone that already had a spy app installed on it before. (Actually I installed it twice but am only counting this as one installation).

The support group continued to ask me to wait until the new Guardian software app was released, which would take the place of CellSpy; supposedly it was better, more solid, more robust, and a much better product.  But they didn't know when it would be released and I need to replace one of my girl's phones.

So I purchased a brand-new phone and rooted it.  I didn't install any app into that phone, except for my google account so I could download from the play store (a requirement for installing CellSpy).  Other than root, it was a virgin out-of-the-box phone.

This new phone, with no other spy apps or anti-theft apps installed became my second installation, also failed.  Click on the link to read in detail, but basically, the app never installed correctly, and not all of the features worked.  In fact, it still keeps uploading the same pictures over-and-over-and-over.

After that installation, I tested the parts of the software that did work, and found that it was a pretty solid application.  My review is here.  But it is really buggy, as my review explains, and some very important features don't work.

I have written two more active reviews of CellSpy … one is here and is concentrated on photos and videos. The other is here, when Viber began to work for a few days.

I continued to email support about these issues up to Christmas, when their offices closed, and were not scheduled to open until mid January!  I received one reply regarding my payment and one reply telling me they wished I would have waited and NOT installed CellSpy, but no other replies.

Since that time, I have written dozens of emails to support and to the specific employees I had been communicating with.  Today is February 22, 2016, and I have NEVER RECEIVED A REPLY TO ANY OF MY DOZENS OF MESSAGES.

SO I guess the message is — since I wrote a bad review on their old product, they don't want me to get the new product for fear that I will have another bad experience.

I had a lot of hope for this company — and I thought they were different.  But in the end, it turns out they are like all of the "spy app" providers.  

So now I must wait until I can find links to the new program — called "Guardian" and download and test.  And I will be honest — if it works, I'll have glowing reviews here on elinks.  And if it doesn't, I will provide detailed information about why it doesn't.  

And as a parting note, here is what "Brett", the Managing Director of the company posted on elinks in November, BEFORE I reviewed his product:

Finally, a spy app review site with integrity. I can’t tell you how many so-called review sites have contacted me over the years offering the top spot for a fee. Some have even offered to rank competitors poorly or leave them out altogether – for a negotiable fee, of course. Those types of sites only benefit the corrupt owners. They do not help the customer and they’re not doing the spy app any favors by misrepresenting it. They’re practically ensuring that the latter will fail (sometimes dismally) to live up to the expectations of the former. This site is different. It adds true value to all stakeholders. For potential customers it gives an honest and unbiased account of the type of experience they can likely expect from the company and their software. For the producers of spy apps, it is an opportunity to improve the product (and the service that goes along with it). For the rip-off artists, those engaging in corrupt marketing practices, and the fly-by-night junk-ware peddlers that pollute our industry it is a huge and well deserved ‘up yours’. Thank you for telling the world how it really is, and not how the highest bidder would like it to be portrayed.

I wonder why things changed?  I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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