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The Lenovo, part 2, adding Cerberus

Download hidden disguised version of Cerberus

With the Lenovo back in my hands for a day, I am finally able to put Cerberus back on the phone.  Previously I didn’t think Cerberus was worth having, but realize that was a mistake — Cerberus is worth having as a backup and a safety against theft.

Cerberus is a ONE TIME PAYMENT and is quite low — $5.93 USD.

Paying for Cerberus with paypal



Go to  Download the disguised version.  It will install as “System Framework”.

Download hidden disguised version of Cerberus

Choose Username and password, review huge terms and conditions, and press CREATE ACCOUNT.

Create Cerberus Account

Choose Cerberus Username

Go to Settings.  Activate System Administrator.  I also change the dial code that opens the Cerberus home screen.  And set the notification number, and sim checker.  Then BUY LICENSE.

Remember to return to your downloads location and delete the apk; then your browser and delete history.

If you want to install Cerberus as a system app, which gives you other features, PLUS will not be deleted even if the target does a full factory reset, download and install LINK2SD.

link2sd convert to system app

Click on LINK2SD and find “System Framework”.  You will see on “system framework” that the word “Cerberus” appears as part of the location, allowing you to make sure you are working on the right application.

Convert Cerberus to System App to survive Factory Reset

Click on “System Framework”, then on the settings (3 vertical dots at the top).  Choose “Convert to System App”.  You will receive a warning, “Convert App?  If you convert an app, it may misbehave.  If the app disappears or gets error after converting, reboot your device.”   Click OK.

Cerberus Anti Theft Warning

You must now reboot the device!  It is not necessary to keep LINK2SD; you may delete it.

Cerberus will now withstand a factory reset.  If you lose your phone, and the person who has it performs a factory reset, Cerberus will connect to its servers as soon as internet is available, re-authorize the app on the phone, and begin sending updated information about the phone and its location — especially if you have marked your phone as “missing” in the Cerberus panel.




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