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Spy App Compatibility: A Problem For Parents

Spy app compatibility issues

As you look at the parental apps and “spy apps”, you are going to find one important, glaring fact:  You have a greater chance of the app actually working as stated IF you are using a brand name common phone (Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, etc.).

So besides all the other issues, there are also the problems parents face when choosing a parental app – secret spy app for their children’s phone.

Many times you will see the “compatibility” show any Android of a certain OS version forward (ie: Android 4.2.2+).  But that is a poor indication of the software actually performing on YOUR handset.

Depending on which plan you choose, and how many phones you are monitoring, you are better off financially buying (used?) BRAND smartphones for your kids.  Used phones, one model old, can be purchased at reasonable discounts.  I bought non-branded phones for my kids because I actually like the features of my Chinese phone immensely.  But for parental monitoring software compatibility, off-brand phones do not work.

WARNING:  stay away from phones running Windows Mobile!


Although the “big guys” have quite a market share in the sale of phones, there are many other brands that have quite a following (mostly outside of the US).


Lenovo, (ie: LePhone, IdeaPhone, as well as its subsidiary, Motorola mobile) is a good example.  They are a big company; purchased IBM’s computer division a few years ago, and has been making phones

“As of May 2014, Lenovo was the fourth largest phone manufacturer in the world by unit sales, putting it behind Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.”

If you are reading my reviews, you will see the poor experience I am having with spy apps and the Lenovo A916.  :(

Elephone.  A Chinese brand  gaining footing for its low cost, high-end phones, including the latest phone to be released — that includes a 5000mah battery, twice the size of most phones.

But just like the Lenovo, I’m not having any luck with spy apps running correctly on these phones.

And then there is OPPO, gaining an incredible footing in all of Asia with untold financial assistance, signage, etc., with small and large phone shops in every mall.

Huawei, which it is not possible to fly in or out of some countries (including Thailand) without being met with huge Huawei banners promoting the latest edge-thin phone.

Great quality, but quite unknown is ZOPO, not to be confused with Oppo.  Solid, error free, and high-end at middle-of-the-road pricing.  My personal phone, and last phone, have been ZOPO brand, and I suggest them completely.  However, I have not installed any of the monitoring software in them yet to test the compatibility.

XIAOMI, also gaining a foot hold, but is a slightly lower end phone, just above the Elephone brand. [A few months after I wrote this, a phone rating site listed the XIAOMI as the fast growing, and best performing brand behind Huawei.  Go figure.]

2 Comments to Spy App Compatibility: A Problem For Parents

  1. Manda Johnson says:

    I can see how issues on smartphone could be problems for parents. They hardly know there way around a phone and now they have to try and troubleshoot something? You would be better off hiring a PI to do the spying for you.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment – but not really.  A good spy app should provide all the information that you need to keep up with your kids and their online activity.  The problem is finding that good app!  

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