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TheTruthSpy Alternatives: Flexispy v Mspy


In previous posts, I have discussed TheTruthSpy alternatives, and how difficult it has been to find spy apps that really work.  I also said that I would be keeping thetruthspy because it allowed 3 phones per account and because the software appeared to be working better once installed on brand-name phones.  But in the end, I may be uninstalling TheTruthSpy.

As a reminder, TheTruthSpy has phone call recording, and room monitor, "ambient recordings".  But it is all or nothing — record all calls or record none; no way to specify which number to monitor.

[Ambient Recording worked great the few times I tested it; however after trying it, I realized it wasn’t very important to my needs.]

Then TheTruthSpy kicked me in the stomach, and removed the ability to monitor Facebook messaging.  That was something I didn't see coming. (UPDATE:  Facebook monitoring was re-instated).

In the tests so far, Flexispy is working, but at $149USD per license, I wasn't too thrilled about the possibility of spending $447USD per year to monitor three phones. I was already at $300USD per year and was feeling the pain!  But with $300USD, I had the option to monitor 4 phones.  But it doesn't really matter what you pay if you can't monitor the things you need to monitor.

Prior to the Flexispy installation, I had been considering Mspy.  A number of things made me migrate away from Mspy.  Facebook for example, is presented on Flexispy with all graphics and emoticons that were included in the original conversation.  Not only does Mspy not offer a "rich" facebook environment, the Mspy features page does not show facebook as one of the messenger it monitors!  It may be an oversight, but I wasn't willing to take a chance, especially since Mspy sells for $199USD vs Flexispy's $149USD price.

FlexiSpy Facebook log from the control panel:

flexispy facebook messenger monitoring hack works

In fact, since I am not using Mspy, I can't use my own graphics, but went looking for any graphics that showed how Facebook was displayed.  I was not able to find any examples.  Very strange to be unable to find any examples online.

So, for me, FLEXISPY is the clear winner between choosing Mspy v Flexispy.


2 Comments to TheTruthSpy Alternatives: Flexispy v Mspy

  1. yadav nikunj says:

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    • admin says:

      The above comment was posted on elinks and was made by the supplier of a FREE tracking software from INDIA.  

      Now, maybe that isn’t so bad … but I’m not willing to try this software.

      FIRST:  It is free.  That is enough to scare me off

      SECOND:  It is operating on a shared hosting provider; and a hacker domain is on the SAME IP; the same Shared Hosting account.

      THIRD:  The control panel looks familiar, but I am not sure why I think I have seen it before.  

      FOURTH:  The demo shows older phone models, and references android 2.2.

      FIFTH:  The website has spelling errors and has copied some promotional sayings from OTHER spy apps.


      The name of the service is spyhuman.  But you have been warned.  Who knows what information from your phone or the target phone is being captured.  

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