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Call Recording Feature of TheTruthSpy Worked Correctly

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TheTruthSpy Call Recording Feature Worked Correctly!  If you can hear the "excitement" in this title, you are correct. I was shocked to see recorded calls in my control panel this morning from the Samsung Tab — the only phone currently working.  The other phone on the account, the Samsung S4, is still dead and still needs to be re-installed.

Most of the calls were incomplete and only had 1-2 seconds of recording.  I promptly deleted those.  But there were 3 calls that were longer and I downloaded them to listen.  The quality was very good, and very clear.

Recording Telephone Calls The TruthSpy


However, I noticed a "reporting bug" with the call record function.  Look at the screen capture above.  You will notice that in the "Name/Phone Number" column, there is nothing listed for anything except the first call.

If you export and download the call files, you will find the NAME (if in your contacts list) and the TELEPHONE NUMBER of the caller/person called.  

Call Record Works!  I'm surprised and happy.  Of course, considering this software, who knows for HOW LONG it will work!

UPDATE:  10-31-15:  Nine days after writing this post, and only one day after replying to a comment saying that I never know how long TTS will work, I noticed that "call record" did not record a 3 minute call that is listed on the call detail as having been received this morning.  I "re-synced" the setup data just for fun after this, but I doubt if this will do anything.  Just part of the fun of using TheTruthSpy … it might work, it might not work.

2 Comments to Call Recording Feature of TheTruthSpy Worked Correctly

  1. Marci Klink says:

    I upgraded to 7 and now my phone call recordings are nothing but static. What can I do?

    • admin says:

      Others have commented that updates have “broken” the audio recording AGAIN.  I’m sorry but we can’t help any further.  

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