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TheTruthSpy Can’t Access SMS or Facebook Logs

reporting gps locations on the samsung j700

In TheTruthSpy control panel, I can't access certain sections that work sometimes.  Starting around the first of January, 2016, the control panel began returning error messages and returns me to the log-in page instead of the page I clicked on.

For example, if I click on "sms history" today, it dumps me back at the log-in screen, after a very fast screen flash.  I finally caught that screen flash and this is what it shows:

control panel truthspyerror

Obviously there is something wrong on their side, but nothing a user can do as they never pay attention to any email or trouble tickets submitted to them.  So for now I am stuck — unable to access SMS History and Facebook History … 


BUT, as if the gremlins of TheTruthSpy never cease, GPS is being reported on this phone for the first time ever!

Right now, TheTruthSpy is installed in a Samsung J7, and hasn't been reporting any GPS locations, always providing the "not available on this day" message.  However, today, out of nowhere, 

reporting gps locations on the samsung j700

That is it!  Three entries from today!  I'm writing this post at 8:19pm on the 7th of January.  GPS updated only these three times, with the last one at 12:44pm!  


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