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TheTruthSpy Control Panel Data Loss

thetruthspy ispyoo server crash and data loss

TheTruthSpy Ispyoo control panel server data loss.  Once again, TheTruthSpy has had some type of server corruption and has lost all data in my account.  Obviously this isn’t the first time, and probably won’t be the last.

Background:  I was checking the control panel on Sunday, September 13, 2015, looking at my daughter’s locations as she returned to her home from visiting relatives.  I was also looking over her texts, and Facebook chats, as well as posting about what I was seeing in another post here on elinks.

There were many entries on Sunday, especially in the GPS section and Facebook section.

Then on Monday morning, it was all gone.  TheTruthSpy was showing on the dashboard that the last update had occurred on SATURDAY!  Even though I was reviewing data on Sunday.  Also on the dashboard, you can see the “data count” or the section marked “Display the number of data” is zero for all items.  In other words, ALL DATA IS GONE.

According to TheTruthSpy Control Panel, Sunday “did not exist”.  And any data/logs on my account are also gone … even logs that occurred Saturday, which is when TTS is claiming to have received an update from the phone.

thetruthspy ispyoo server crash and data loss

Every time I say something good about TTS/Ispyoo, they show me what buggy crap they sell.

It is frustrating, because their offering could be so much better.  I think they could wipe the other players out of the market if they would fix all the bugs and data corruption issues.

So if that data had been critical for a legal case or employment case, I would be screwed.  I’m glad I had reviewed it Sunday before TTS servers wiped the account.


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