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Install TheTruthSpy App Again on the Elephone Brand Phone

If you have been reading up to now, you know that I had to install TheTruthSpy app again on the elephone brand phone.

The Elephone G5 was always rooted but had not performed an update for two months.  The Elephone P6i was not rooted, so I performed a root on it.  I uninstalled and re-installed TTS on both phones.  So to be clear — both phones are now rooted and both have had the app re-installed.

Neither of the Elephones ever showed GPS locations in thetruthspy control panel.  After the re-install, the G5 began showing the location of the phone on the online map for the first time as well as the history of where the phone has been.  Since the phone didn’t have internet, it only reported location when on my WIFI – but just seeing the GPS locations appear on the control panel was quite a shock.  Two weeks later, the GPS is no longer reporting location to the control panel.

But when checking the G5’s SMS history, I can see just how “buggy” the software is.  Since I was having an SMS conversation with the G5, I knew all the messages that went back and forth.  TTS reported only ONE (!) SMS MESSAGE of a NINETEEN (19!!) message conversation.  In fact, it wasn’t the FIRST message in the sequence … just one random message out of 19 made it so far to the control panel.

The G5’s URL history is also working.  Facebook history STILL DOES NOT WORK.  Two weeks later, the control panel began showing data from the facebook history on the G5.  Go figure.

Rooting the P6i accomplished nothing.  It still does not report GPS or facebook.  It is showing updated call log and SMS log.  I will keep checking to see how long these phones will continue to update the control panel.

I also tested the P6i with Viber — and even with root, it did NOT report any Viber activity to the online control panel.

Find the best parental phone monitoring software has been difficult to say the least!  All the reviews and literature claim they can do more than what they really do in reality.

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