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TheTruthSpy and Ispyoo Problems Again!

Similar complaint from the web about thetruthspy and how the app stops communicating with the server after a short time.

Unfortunately I am experiencing TheTruthSpy and Ispyoo problems again!  TheTruthSpy stopped working in the Rooted Samsung S4 after two weeks — just like previous installations in non-branded phones!  This confirms it is a bug in the app rather than the fault of the “non-Samsung” phones.

[“STOPS WORKING” means the app installed in the target phones stops communicating with the control panel; stops “syncing” and uploading the logs to the control panel.  Nothing new gets uploaded for my review.]

In previous installations, TheTruthSpy stops working about two weeks into the install.  Like Clockwork, on the ROOTED SAMSUNG S4, two weeks after install, ALL UPDATES HAVE STOPPED!!!  I won’t have access to this phone for more than six weeks two months… at which time I will need to uninstall and re-install this worthless program again!


Similar complaint from the web about thetruthspy and how the app stops communicating with the server after a short time.

Similar complaint from the web about thetruthspy and how the app stops communicating with the server after a short time.

thetruthspy syncing2

thetruthspy syncing3

Not only did it stop on the Samsung, but it has stopped on the one Elephone that it is still installed in.

This continues to underscore what I have written about many times — the idea of installing a spy program in five minutes is completely untrue.  You will need excuses to access that phone over time in order to keep it working.

BTW — a simple “reboot” does NOT work to get the program working again!  Yes, I tried that remotely using another program and rebooted the phone — only to find NO CHANGE.

And YES, the phone has internet and is used to communicate with me over the internet using WECHAT and VIBER every day.  It is NOT an internet connection problem.

It is a CRAPPY app problem.

9 Comments to TheTruthSpy and Ispyoo Problems Again!

  1. Denis says:

    Its true. Facing the same issue. Its really bad.

    Even in my case my target phone is rooted but still I am not get any whatsapp messages & call recording. For the same 5 days back I send email to TheTruthSpy support till date there are no any response. Really disappointed with this. Now I am helpless.

  2. admin says:

    Denis: The only thing you can do is uninstall and reinstall. Sometimes it works …. it really comes down to the brand and type of phone. What are you using?

  3. bobby says:

    This app. sucks… the support sucks. Guys behind this website sucks! Call recording – that worked fine for weeks – does not work anymore. Dowloaded files are 1 byte only. Absolutely no support!. Don’t wast your money!

  4. James Beaty says:

    This app sucks it continues to stop reporting. I have Uninstalled and installed the app with No luck. I have sent 5 different emails to get the matter resolved with not one single response.

    • admin says:

      Hi James,
      You will never get a reply from them except for the “auto reply” that tells you they received your messages. There is NO support.

      Yes, as you read, I have experienced the same issues where the app stops reporting, and I have also uninstalled and reinstalled — something that should not be expected in a secret monitoring app!

      But would you please add another comment that tells what type, model and OS version of the phone you are using? Thanks.

  5. josh says:

    Of course with all the products out there we have to make a decision. So we do a little research we read some reviews and we find out that, the more reliable products like flexispy, will refund us, it does have 24/7 live chat to help us with all of our questions, but that’s why it cost so much. So like the saying goes you get what you pay for. Or even better don’t expect so much, for so little

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comments Josh.

      Even though Flexispy stopped working for me, I partially agree with your comments. Flexispy has been the best out of the apps I have tested so far.

      As to “get what you pay for”, I really don’t like to use that statement because there are other apps that cost considerably more and do not deliver. If you don’t need the audio monitoring, Flexispy is “reasonably priced” — all things considered. If you choose to go with the full package, I think it is quite expensive and unless you have very specialized needs, is not worth it.

      I am continuing to experiment with apps, so keep reading!

  6. FBhatti says:

    I paid for the gold membership for one year, it work fine in the trial period but then i realize my HORRIBLE MISTAKE paying the truth spy.
    No SMS updates on time
    No Phone call Recording (Few calls recorded BUT most of the calls shows it been recorded but nothing there)
    No Ambient Recording works (Specially when you need it even Internet is working)
    Pictures/Videos (No videos on Android and picture only if it been taken or send to some one You never know where this picture been sent)
    Whats App (Never been updated on time normal delay of 2/3 days when every thing goes out of control)
    Same as Viber 
    Facebook nothing comes up (if the child is clever to use the website instead of Facebook App) you never know whats going on
    Dashboard showing that targeted phone is updated at this time but you cannot find the message even sent to you in the log.
    every day sending complaints to their HelpDesk no one replied back or get back.
    If anyone think to buy this service beware that you will pay for nothing they become just like a SCAM

    • admin says:

      Hi FBhatti, I complete agree. TheTruthSpy is a huge “hit or miss” and it depends on your cell phone brand, model and the position of the moon. Just kidding about the moon – but you get my point. There is no rhyme or reason as to whether the program will work or not.

      One phone still on TTS just updated today … after no updates for one month. I’ve said it a million times — when TTS works, it works very well. The problem is it doesn’t work most of the time.

      And as for support — writing to them is a joke, which you already know.

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