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TheTruthSpy Spy App Releases New Version

thetruthspy outdated front page version

The TruthSpy has again released a new version.  There is no automatic update with thetruthspy.  You must get the target phone in your hands; uninstall the old version; and go through the same procedures as new installation to install the upgraded version.

The only way to find out about new versions is to visit thetruthspy site, and the download page.  There is a "release notes" page, but it is more than one year out-of-date.

There is also NO email list that notifies you of updated versions.

On the front page, TheTruthSpy is still showing that "6.9" is the latest version (

thetruthspy outdated front page version

When you click through to the download page, you will find the latest version is 6.10  6.11

Look at the list at the bottom of this post, or check out: (

TheTruthSpy download page shows correct version number

You can also check the "old versions" page to see if anything has changed. Notice that in the old versions, they don't include 6.8!

the truth spy old versions

Of course, one can hope that each new version improves the stability of the program and removes a few of the bugs.

In the latest version post as listed above, TheTruthSpy has made a big statement (although I doubt if it is anything more than hype):

This below version [6.10] supports Whatsapp (without Rooting Device), …

I have come to doubt ANYTHING that TheTruthSpy and Ispyoo publish after they began listing "available features" that DO NOT EXIST.  Back in October, they began advertising that you could program TTS to record calls from certain specified numbers only (no such setting!) and you could listen to the audio chats between Facebook Messenger users (never happened!).  Their sales pages also shows you can specify the number of minutes to record for ambient recording (no such feature allowing you to set the number of minutes to record exists!!).

UPDATE:  11-16-15:  Only a few days after installing version 6.10, TTS updated the software AGAIN, with 6.10-1, meaning they must have found more bugs again.

On the website, 6-10-1 is being touted as a "major update":

* Feature Location Tracking
– Use new protocol to get Location straightway
– Improve best accuracy via using Google Play Service

If Location Tracking doesn’t work:
– Check Location Enable at Target Device, if turn off, please turn on.
– Turn on feature Location Tracking at Settings on Control Panel TheTruthSpy (

* Feature Phone Call Recording
– Improve somethings on features of “phone call recording”.  It works rather well.
– Change record with VOICE_CALL to MIC, to support many phones such as Samsung, HTC, Sony…
– Get best high quality MP3 file

If Phone Call Recording doesn’t work:
– This is feature with Premium Package, please purchase Premium Package TheTruthSpy, not Standard Package
– Turn on feature Phone Call Recording at Settings on Control Panel TheTruthSpy (
– Check internet connection on Target Device

* Feature Check Rooted Device
– With version 6.10, we will check rooted device. If device rooted, you can spy Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Skype…

* Some question about TheTruthSpy

– If you are using old version TheTruthSpy (<6.10), if you want upgrade, please uninstall TheTruthSpy and download and install TheTruthSpy 6.10.

Just like everything else TheTruthSpy does, there is no explanation of anything.  They make this statement:
Feature Location Tracking
– Use new protocol to get Location straightway
– Improve best accuracy via using Google Play Service
But they do not explain what "protocol" has changed or what they have done differently.  As far as my experience with them goes, there is no change.  If GPS is off, TTS still doesn't locate via WIFI or CELL TOWER, which has been a HUGE COMPLAINT.
However, MAYBE something has improved … as ONE of my phones is showing location even though GPS if off (location is on).  Another phone is still not showing, but I just realized it is on 6.9 and I will need to upgrade.  The thought of upgrading this phone makes me nauseous, because it is the only phone EVER that has kept working, not stopped, and has 90% of the features working.  I'm scared that updating it will create problems! :(
I will post another update here if the other phone begins tracking once upgraded to 6.10-1 with GPS off.




List of the TheTruthSpy Versions that I have found to date:

August 20, 2015:  version 6.7

September 13, 2015:  version 6.8

September 17, 2015:  version 6.9

November, 2015:  version 6.10     (same as Ispyoo version 8.9 on Oct 7, 2015)

November 14, 2015:  version 6.10-1

November 27, 2015:  version 6.11





2 Comments to TheTruthSpy Spy App Releases New Version

  1. nick says:

    I’m unsure how to set up the monitor number on truth spy. Do I use my number the target phone number or just make a number up? I have tried to message the developer but that’s a joke. When I updated to the new software my ambient voice recording stopped working and I cant send SMS commands without knowing how the monitor number works. Thanks in advance!

    • admin says:

      Hi Nick,
      The “monitor number” has been a source of confusion for me. TheTruthSpy provides TWO different instructions for entering the monitor number …

      The first, is “Enter your phone number, for example +33123456789 (with country code)”. The “plus sign” (for those not familiar) is the international access code required when calling international numbers. If you live in the USA for example, and wanted to call Thailand, you would dial “011” (also called the “exit code”) then the rest of the number including the country code. On cell phones, the plus sign (” + “) fills in the correct “exit code” for you.

      The second instructions TTS has provided is “Enter the phone number that will control the target phone with SMS commands (Example: if the number is +1-877-123-4567, enter 18771234567).” In this instruction provided by TTS, you will notice that they show EXCLUDING the “exit code” or “plus sign”. In other words, their instructions contradict each other.

      As an additional example, assume YOUR telephone number in the USA is 202-555-1234. Remember, this is YOUR telephone number; this is the number that you will use to control the target phone. I would try entering the number as +12025551234. If that doesn’t work, I would try changing it to 12025551234. The “1” at the beginning of the number is the country code for the USA.

      Strictly from a “logic” point of view, I would think that the number should be entered without the “plus sign”, because when a calling number is shown on an incoming call, it shows the country code, but does NOT show the “plus sign” or “exit code” of where the call originated from. Therefore, I think the best choice would be to enter 12025551234.

      MY EXPERIENCE: I have never been successful in 1) getting the phone to quietly answer the call from my phone and let me hear the surroundings; or 2) sending sms messages and have those messages hidden! Each time I sent sms messages, they appeared in the inbox. YOU MUST TEST THESE FEATURES while the target phone is in your hands.

      And remember, make sure you are installing the latest version, currently 6.11-1 as of December 4, 2015.

      Good Luck.

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