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TheTruthSpy Scam! Ispyoo Is A Scam Also

the truth spy gold package top package

[UPDATE:  As of Sep 8, 2015, Facebook was added back to TheTruthSpy.  That has certainly made me happy and given me a little more faith in TTS.  However, support NEVER replied to my dozen texts and tickets created inside the control panel.]

TheTruthSpy and Ispyoo are the same software.  I know this for a fact — because when you install "thetruthspy", the installed app shows ISPYOO in its description — the same exact apk as ISPYOO.

I purchased a GOLD subscription package of the thetruthspy on February 19, 2015, valid for ONE YEAR.

thetruthspy license information

My subscription package is supposed to expire February 29, 2016.  The Gold package includes everything in the Standard package, plus the Premium Package plus the extra features of the Gold Package

the truth spy gold package top package

Look in the column above for the Premium package.  Facebook history is provided to anyone that purchases the Premium or the Gold package.

the truth spy scam facebook not monitored

For five and one-half months, Facebook history worked on my account.  Then one day, I could no longer access facebook logs.  In place of facebook was a new entry called "OLA" and when I typed in the facebook log URL, I received a "upgrade now" price list!

And today, in my "sync settings" page, I find another "new" entry, telling me that if I want Facebook, I must "UPGRADE NOW".  The only problem is — I am subscribed to the top package (GOLD) and there is nothing to upgrade to!

facebook says upgrade now - but nothing to upgrade to

Neither TheTruthSpy (the reseller) nor Ispyoo (the actual developer), will respond to trouble tickets and emails.  I have been writing emails for weeks and never receive any reply except the "auto-reply" telling me "someone will respond shortly".

So, I paid for the feature of "facebook monitoring", I was using the feature for a while, then it is removed and the app developer won't reply to tell me what is going on — or why my account no longer offers facebook monitoring — especially since it is still promoted as a major feature on his website.

I can't call that anything except a SCAM.


I noticed a feature listed on the website that does not exist!  It exists on other spy apps, but NOT thetruthspy!

"Record calls that are made to and from specific numbers only".

thetruthspy call recording scam

This feature does NOT appear in my control panel; not in my settings; not in my list of logs; not in my sync settings; NO WHERE does this feature appear.

If you have read my site, you will know already that this is one of the features I said was lacking from TTS and other spy apps, because most people only want to monitor calls from one or two people.  Without this setting, you must record ALL the calls which consumes a HUGE amount of bandwidth and is a terrible waste of time and money — especially for people without "unlimited internet".

I will retract my statements on this page if my control panel updates to allow me access to facebook and to provide me with the above feature. 

VERSION ID:  On the front of the website, TTS is listing that it is now on version 6.7.  One of my devices is running 6.3 and one is running 6.6.  But none of that should affect what is shown on the control panel.  If you go to their "release notes" page, you will see NOTHING about the "latest" release … and no entries since 2014!  Ispyoo also has NO new entries on their release notes page.

UPDATE Sep 13, 2015!:  Now TheTruthSpy is reporting another new version to 6.8!

UPDATE Sept 17, 2015!:  The Truth Spy is already reporting another new version! Now at 6.9 — View My App Update Status Page.

I always thought that these apps upgraded themselves.  I guess I was naive.  Now I realize that I must get control of the target phones, uninstall and re-install the spy app to bring it to the latest versions. 

It is possible that new features are available when I upgrade my versions to the latest … but upgrading the version of an app on your phone, DOES NOT change what is being shown on the control panel.

Thetruthspy and Ispyoo are billed by avangate.  You can forget getting a refund from them.

But just for fun, take a look at the some of the conditions that allow them to refuse your refund (which they will do no matter what!):

No refund is due if the customer refuses to upgrade the iSpyoo version in the event of performed upgrade on the target phone.

Customer does not have physical access to the phone (Customers are made aware by the information outlined on this website that unrestricted physical access to the phone -the customer wishes to spy on- is required. If a customer purchases this software and does not have unrestricted access (including locks, passcodes, etc.) to the phone to be monitored, we are not liable for refunds due to this case.)

As I said previously — every week I write them and tell them I am having problems; I also submit tickets through the control panel.  I don't expect a reply — but I do hope that my site helps people to understand that they will get screwed with either of these two companies.

UPDATE 10-31-15:   ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS FEATURE THAT DOESN'T EXIST:  On the same Facebook sales page shown above, TheTruthSpy states that:

"Get access to any … audio files sent through Facebook chat and saved on the target phone."

spy on facebook audio lies from TTS

The sales page leads the consumer to believe that TTS/Ispyoo can monitor and provide access to the audio chats that occur inside of Facebook Messenger between Facebook users.  This is false.  The Truth Spy and Ispyoo and all of its variant names, do not monitor or provide access to audio chats or calls made within Facebook Messenger.

Another case of misleading the buying public by Ispyoo and TheTruthSpy.

4 Comments to TheTruthSpy Scam! Ispyoo Is A Scam Also

  1. Charles griffin says:

    Cancel my account this do not work ceased takeing money from my account or I will sue your company

  2. dhen amien says:

    I've been cheated by the truthspy

  3. admin says:


    Subject: thetruthspy issue 

    Message Body: 
    Hi dear, 
    I want to post one complain. The company The Truth Spy ( is not serious. I bought their most expensive license, but!…. Their spy app in android working only with basic mode. I see only SMS/contacts/call history. Nothing else working fine. I should see whatsapp, call recording, location, multimedia like photos/videos, notes…and more. I ask support via their site and sent many emails to but I still don't have any reply (I waiting 3 weeks). Client site "" where you can control phone has bad connectivity and often is offline. Http errors like 404, or 501 I see pretty often. "" (where you can buy app) working always without errors. The worst is that their app in phone stops working after 2 weeks. I bought most expensive license for long time to use their useless app for 2 weeks!!! I'm strongly recommended to NOT use any services from this company 
    I'm sorry for my bad english. 


    REPLY FROM ADMIN:  Every problem you have mentioned has been reported over and over and over.  It is sad to say, but you can't count on anything from this company.

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