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TheTruthSpy Stops Updating a Samsung S4

thetruthspy control panel stopped updating

TheTruthSpy Stops Updating a Samsung S4.  I wrote before how the Truth Spy will "freeze" or stop updating the control panel for no reason that can be determined.  You will get updates and data, then it will stop.

To make it easy, here are the posts, installing thetruthspy again on Elephone, TTS stops working on the Samsung in May, Uninstalling and Reinstalling TTS on the Samsung.  The last "reinstall" was on July 26 of this year.

So on September 12, 2015, less than TWO MONTHS from the last re-install, TTS stopped working.  There were no more updates to the control panel.

thetruthspy control panel stopped updating

Using Cerberus again, I rebooted the phone a few times, which confirmed internet connectivity, but also confirmed it was connected to the internet through other ways (Viber chatting, etc.).

This is a SAMSUNG S4 that it is installed on!  A branded, quality, single-sim phone and it is not possible to keep TTS working.  That tells you that TTS/ISPYOO has serious software problems.

The solution?  Although it appears to be a temporary fix, I will need to uninstall and re-install TTS again in the Samsung. According to the control panel, this Samsung is running version 6.6, and as of today, the latest version of TheTruthSpy is 6.9.

The only problem is that I won't be near the phone for more than 2 months.  So much for monitoring. :(


UPDATE! October 15, 2015:  By accident, I clicked on the phone that was no longer updating and imagine my surprise to see that it had updated – but the control panel had NO NEW DATA!  I don't know how this is possible!  (Notice all the "zeros" by each item indicating that it has NO data).  One month later it mysteriously updates the "date of update"??


No Updates from the truth spy

UPDATE 11-14-15:  I decided not to make a new post, but I uninstalled TTS from this phone and re-installed, after I was unable to get CellSpy to work.  It immediately started working correctly — just like all of the other times.  Only time will tell how long it will work this time.  And just like the other phones, VIBER is not being monitored.  However, call recording and ambient call recordings are working, as well as SMS and Facebook messages.


As a side note, I also installed TTS in a Samsung Tablet back in July.  As of today, most of the program is still working.  The ambient voice recording or room bug is still working great.  But GPS location reporting does not work.  And other parts of the program are hit and miss.

ambient voice recording room bug

If it weren't for the installation of Cerberus, I wouldn't be able to get an idea of where they were.  And that was the point of installing monitoring software.

2 Comments to TheTruthSpy Stops Updating a Samsung S4

  1. rahul rawat says:

    Really True.. I wasted my important time with money. This software really did not work for me. Only one time it was working when i installted it. But almost 1 month has been over but did not get any data in control panel. Schncronized is also not working..

    what the F*&^ DEVELOPER who created this software. if i know about this problem i never purchased it.


    I can develop same application but i thought it will save my timing .. F*%^ and same developers

  2. admin says:

    This comment was received by email from "farouk" on April 3, 2016:

    Message Body: 
    please i am having a big problem with spy app , tts , it stopped updating for two days now , and i have a distance relationship with this girl i am deciding to marry , so i really need your help in any case that would help me to get this app working again , and please tell me about the best app to install the next time i get access to the phone , cause i can't do it over and over , since i have access directly to the phone once a year , so please help me . 
    thank you very much 


    Admin Reply:

    I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing the same problem that is reported over and over about this spy app.  It doesn't matter what phone you use; what internet connection you have; TheTruthSpy is going to stop working at some point in time.  Either you will need to re-install it to make it work; or you will sit by and hope that it starts again.  I have done both and both methods are bad choices.  

    I understand not having access to the phone to install and reinstall spy apps, but there is no other way to deal with the problems that are caused when TTS "stops updating".  

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