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TheTruthSpy Uninstall and Cell Spy Removal

uninstalling android apps

Tonight, I had the Samsung S4 in my hands again, and decided to uninstall TheTruthSpy.  I attempted to call the access number (#2013*) but it didn't work.  I checked the control panel and there have been no updates from this phone for 2 days!!  So once again, TTS has stopped working.

In device administrators, TheTruthSpy is "Device Admin"!

Went back to the appliation manager and the TheTruthSpy doesn't exist (it isn't showing at all).  Went to the playstore and downloaded Link2Sd.  This app is good for showing what is really installed.  Link2SD shows that TTS is still installed as System Service in /data/app/com.systemservice-1.apk

TTS says that I can tell it to remotely uninstall, but since it hasn't synced (I attempted to force it to resync), that won't happen.  PLUS it isn't installed as a system app any longer which I don't understand!

Link2Sd shows tha TTS can't see the SD card … even though everything else sees the card.  I decided to power off and reseat her SD card before I did anything further.  I did and rebooted. As it rebooted, programs that were stored on SD card showed up as a SD card logo, then went to the standard program/app icon for that app … indicating that it found the information stored on the SD card for that app.  SD card is working.

Back to Link2SD.  Same information appears, indicating it must be corrupt again.  Back to Android Application Manager; and TTS was listed in the Downloaded section since it wasn't a system app.  Clicked on it, but everything was greyed out, indicating the the device adminstrator was still active.

I deactivated "Device Admin" which I didn't remember as being for TTS.  Back to App Manager, and now nothing is greyed out and I can delete TheTruthSpy app.  Deleted and Rebooted.

uninstalling android apps


I acted against the instructions of the support staff from CellSpy and decided to re-install CellSpy in this phone without performing a factory reboot.  In the end, the program is hung, and can't be uninstalled remotely — and I haven't heard from support staff on how to remove the application. 

It is my assumption that I can use one of the "system app removal apps" on the playstore and uninstall the cell spy program, but I haven't performed this step – as I will wait another day to hear from their support group.

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