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Time to Upgrade TheTruthSpy Version

upgrade version of spy apps

In my post, TheTruthSpy Scam!, I wrote about features that do not exist on my current version of the TheTruthSpy, nor are shown on the control panel, nor are shown in the "version log":

VERSION ID:  On the front of the website, TTS is listing that it is now on version 6.7.  One of my devices is running 6.3 and one is running 6.6.  But none of that should affect what is shown on the control panel.  If you go to their "release notes" page, you will see NOTHING about the "latest" release … and no entries since 2014!  Ispyoo also has NO new entries on their release notes page.

UPDATE Sep 13, 2015:  TheTruthSpy is now reporting ANOTHER new update!

Current version is 6.8 (released on September 2015).

Release New Version 6.8, Improve Call Recording for Galaxy Samsung and others device (HTC, Sony, Nexus Google….) with Hi-Quality Call Recorder MP3

UPDATE:  Sep 17, 2015:  The TruthSpy is already reporting ANOTHER new version … now at 6.9!

I always thought that these apps upgraded themselves.  I guess I was naive.  Now I realize that I must get control of the target phones, uninstall and re-install the spy app to bring it to the latest versions. 

Actually, I am assuming that is the method I must use as there is NO information on the web about upgrading these apps on Android phones.  I did find instructions for uninstalling on IOS devices, and it is inline with what I wrote here:  get control of the target phone, uninstall, download latest, and install newest version.

After writing this, I found a page that confirms the steps for Android:  deactivate device administrator for "System Service" (which is how TheTruthSpy is hidden); and then got System Settings -> Apps -> System Service and UNINSTALL.

It is possible that new features are available when I upgrade my versions to the latest … but upgrading the version of an app on your phone, DOES NOT change what is being shown on the control panel. [Keep reading for the results of my update!]

I am not looking forward to performing this upgrade.  Other than the Facebook issue, TheTruthSpy has been running without interruption, and this is the first time I can say that!  Now I need to "mess with the success" and upgrade.

I could skip the upgrade, but then I wouldn't get to see how the new features work … and perhaps get a better, more stable release.  So yes, I must upgrade.  I will have access to both phones that have TTS installed on them soon.  And will report the upgrade status on this post.

Today is 9-17-15, and I am able to get my hands on one of the phones to install this update.  I "called" the program by dialing the secret code and pressing "call".  The program opened, I clicked on configurations, and then clicked on "Uninstall package".  It uninstalled without an issue.

I went to the download page, and found that the latest version of The Truth Spy is now 6.9!!  In four days, they have released another version; and only about ten days before that, had also released an "updated" version.  I hope they are trying to work out the buttload of bugs in this software.

Reinstall went smoothly.  I deleted all remnants (download data, browser history, etc.) of the re-install of TheTruthSpy.

AND JUST LIKE I THOUGHT!  There are NO new features listed in the control panel, no new settings … in particular, I am referring to the feature listed on the website:  "record calls that are made to and from specific numbers only".  It doesn't exist — but is clearly on their "sales page".  And when you sign up for this software and the feature doesn't exist, you can forget about getting a refund!


2 Comments to Time to Upgrade TheTruthSpy Version

  1. Shelly says:

    Hi.. I am trying to research a good yet affordable parental cell phone monitoring software / spy app for my twin tween girls. I wish I would have been a better parent sooner. But now that I know they cannot be trusted nor can the company they keep, I tried my first app.  MMguardian from Google playstore.. Lol.  What a joke.  I thought I had the reigns for a few hours then BAM my one daughter put me right back in my place.  Not in control.  So..  I came across the same article you wrote about with highster and auto forward.  They almost had me sold!  I kept comparing the two over and over until I went to buy now and seen the same name.. Goshhh.. Can u trust anyone out there!?? So here I am hoping to get some straight forward answers from an experienced researcher like yourself.  Is there any reliable products that a single mom can afford to monitor her very beautiful young girls? With Instagram and Snapchat and oovoo… I'm hoping something can AND without them figuring out how to uninstall it. Lesson learned.. Block their settings app on their phone. That is where she went to apps and uninstalled. Very simple. Yet, MMGuardian said it was impossible for them to remove once protection was enabled. Please help????   And I apologize for commenting on a separate post not pertaining to thetruthspy

    • admin says:

      Hi, thanks for writing, but I would advise anyone to stay away from the app you mentioned. First, it is sold in the play store which means it can’t be stealth (per google rules) and Second, it appears to be a piece of junk (in my humble opinion).

      It does not monitor ANY social media (whats app, wechat, etc). It does not allow you to read text messages (SMS). The only thing it does is alert you if their text message has bad words: “Text Monitor allows you to specify words that, if contained in SMS texts sent to or from your child’s phone, are messages that you want to know about.”

      It tracks location. Big deal.

      I would not consider MMGuardian for anything. I strongly advise you skip this one. Thanks for the post.

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