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Tips for Noticing What your Kids are Doing

url monitoring

Tips for Noticing What your Kids are Doing

"URL Monitoring":  What does it really tell you?  If you pay attention, it can tell you quite a bit.

For example, this entry in the URL monitoring file tells me that at 9:17am my time (10:17am their time), they went to SM Mall, and the younger one was logging in to the SM mall WIFI.

I didn't know they ever went to the mall in the city they were visiting because they always tell me they "don't go anywhere", so this entry was quite interesting.

url monitoring

The next entry is a little more telling.  Stories, links, etc., get posted to FB all the time and when you click on them, you are taken to the browser.  Consequently the link shows up in URL Monitoring.

url monitoring sex scandal

The url listed was for a video showing two high school students having sexual intercourse in the staircase.  There was no nudity, all you saw was the movement and the girl putting her panties back on.  But this is what my youngest was watching.

URL Monitoring is the least used function of any of the spy apps in my opinion.  90% of everything they look at is either directly in FB, or is on YouTube, which does not appear in any monitored log on the apps I have tried.


WIFI Monitoring:  Very few spy apps will show you the name of the WIFI where your child is connected.  However, your subscription to Cerberus will provide you with this information.  It is very helpful to know the name of the WIFI in determining where your kids are!  For more information on Cerberus Wifi Monitoring, Click Here.

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