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How To Unbrick and root a Samsung Tab 4

SM-T335 firmware encountered an issue.

Although this post isn’t about “spy ware” to catch your cheating husband or wife …  the problem occurred because I was attempting to install root on a tablet before installing the spy/parental monitoring software.  So I decided to make notes on how to unbrick and root a Samsung Tab 4.

The tablet was a brand new out-of-the-box, Samsung Tab 4, 8.0 LTE, aka Samsung SM-T335 (international version of the Tab 4).  I’ve used Kingo Root in the past and have had great success. Rooting with Kingo has been very simple and straight forward — the only issues I experienced before were getting the correct PC drivers installed for accessing the phone.

That all changed yesterday!  It took over an hour to get all the drivers installed that this tablet needed to communicate with my Windows 7 PC.  Once everything was ready, I started Kingo and began the process of installing Root.  The program progressed as usual through the setup steps.  I was presented with the “Kingo is ready to upload and install root” message, and I clicked “OK” to begin the final process.

And then catastrophe.

SM-T335 firmware encountered an issue.

Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again.

Help, I bricked my tablet/phone!!!   I felt my heart sink into my shoes because I knew I now had an expensive piece of plastic on my desk. :(

I searched the internet and found many people with similar issues from dozens of different types of phones.  Although seeing that it was a common issue made me feel slightly more confident, I didn’t know how I was going to fix it.

Some sites stated that you should remove the battery, which would reset the error, and when you rebooted it would be gone.  Taking the battery out of a sealed SM-T335 Tab 4 is quite an undertaking involving “cracking the seal” of the back of the tablet.


The more I read, I realized that this only worked for a few people, as the rest had their phones reboot to the same warning — ie: their phones/tablets were “soft-bricked”.

The rest of the sites talked about “recovery” and trying to put things back to normal.  I watched a half-dozen youtube videos on the subject and became more and more frustrated.  All of these help sites shared a common theme — I would need to obtain a copy of my firmware file and re-install that file onto my tablet.  If successful, that would return my tablet to the original state, as if nothing had happened.

As I was preparing to go through these steps (and downloaded all the programs and files I was told to have on my computer), I encountered a page specific to my tablet, and discussed the installation of “root” using the same “recovery” techniques that the other sites were listing.  My theory was — if this worked, I would have recovery and root in one step.  It was a risk, but I felt that either way, I had to reinstall firmware on a tablet that was now dead.

The page I found is here:

I followed the instructions and prepared to implement what they had written.  I had a difficult time getting the “firmware encountered an issue” screen off my tablet.  The instructions said that I had to be located at a “download” mode page.  I pressed every combination of buttons (power, volume, and round button at the bottom), until I got lucky and (somehow) ended up at a screen that game me a choice of going to the download screen!  Making progress!

I searched google for the firmware specific to my model

I found the firmware quickly, and was able to download it just as quickly, as these downloads were not padded with other garbage, and hosted on thoese suck-ass download sites that allow you to download a program in 30 seconds if a paid member, or 2 hours if a free guest!  The first firmware file I tried to download was padded with 2gigs of programs and other files; and was estimated to take 2 hours to download!  I knew I could do better than that … and kept searching.  Considering my firmware file was only 19mb, there was no reason to download all that other garbage.

The instructions at were accurate and easy to follow.  And within 15 minutes of starting, my tab4 was back in operation — AND FULLY ROOTED!  So if you are following along, I rooted the Samsung Tab4 SM-T335 using Odin and new firmware — Kingo did not work!

I can only hope that the posts I make on this site will help someone as much as the posts on androidxda helped me! 

I recovered a soft-bricked phone by following these instructions and using Odin.



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