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Undocumented Highster Mobile Spy App Feature

settings get notify a number calls detail

Before I uninstalled my final copy of Highster Mobile, I was looking over the control panel and discovered an area that has no instructions, no online information, and such unclear titles, that I was not sure what it was or how it works.

In the settings area, there was a section titled “Get Notify A Number Calls Details”.  I am assuming that this is where you are supposed to enter a phone number where you want to receive text messages from the Highster app, but I am not sure.  I also don’t know what number pattern you are supposed to enter (with international LD symbol +, with country code, without country code, etc.)

But since I didn’t know what it was, I was also thinking this might be a section where you tell Highster to pay more attention to a particular number that you want to watch more closely.

settings get notify a number calls detail

In the log section, there is an area titled “Notify Number Detail”.  I thought this might be a log to show what happens with the special number you wanted to monitor … but it could also be a list of the texts it sent to your number.  I don’t know.

Notify number detail log




Notify number detail log2

If you have used this feature, please comment and tell us all what it does and how it works!  I have searched the internet and can not find any help data on this section.


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