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Updated Review of 1MobileSpy

1 mobile spy app

If you have been following along, I installed and made a review of 1MobileSpy.  I originally didn't have high hopes for the software, but ate my words after the first installation and it did most of what it said it could do.

THE APP HAS STOPPED UPDATING THE CONTROL PANEL.  Read my Updates at bottom of this post from 11-1-15 and 11-10-15).

Today, I was logged in to the control panel and was attempting to review call records (recorded audio files from actual phone calls with the extension .mp3).  When I reviewed 1MobileSpy before, I was on a different machine, and files played with Windows Media Player with no problem.  But it didn't work today on a different machine.

To the best of my knowledge, both machines have the most updated WMP, but it doesn't make sense as to why this one gave an error and wouldn't play.  I attempted to load them in VLC, but I couldn't skip ahead; as soon as I pressed the timeline to move ahead in the audio, VLC froze.

I also tried loading into Audacity, but Audacity said it could recognize the file, and suggested I "import" the file.  When you are trying to play directly from the control panel without downloading the file to you local computer, "importing" was not an option.

Even though I never use QuickTime because I don't like it, I decided to try using it to open the 1MobileSpy files.  QuickTime worked, and played the file without a problem, even letting me skip ahead on the audio timeline.

THE VOLUME OF THE OTHER PERSON ON THE PHONE IS TOO LOW.  In the first file I listened to, there was so much noise surrounding the target phone (think six 13-year olds all trying to talk over each other at school lunch), that I was unable to hear the other person on the phone call at all.  All I was able to get was one side of the conversation.

On the next call I listened to, the background noise was gone, as the target was back in her room.  In this call, I could hear the other party in the phone call, but the volume was very low.  As a reference, imagine that the person holding the target phone had a volume of "9", and the person that called the target phone had a volume of "3".  It was not comfortable to listen to the recordings because of the "highs and lows" in volume between the two people speaking.

1MOBILESPY INFORMS YOU WHEN IT CAN'T PERFORM A FUNCTION.  After listening to a few calls, I clicked into the Ambient Recording section and attempted to record a 3 minute audio file of the noise surrounding the phone (ie: "room bug").

After less than one minute, 1MobileSpy replied that it could not make the connection ("Device Connection Not Available").  I think that is an impressive feature — it doesn't just "time out" — it informs you that it can't connect to the phone and perform the action.

THE CONTROL PANEL IS NOT PRETTY.  The control panel for 1MobileSpy is not pretty, and is not polished.  But I think that I can ignore the aesthetic issues as long as the program actually works!  And considering this program has worked correctly (for the most part) and costs less than $40USD per year, I could learn to accept some of the short falls.

I DISLIKE THE DISPLAY OF MESSAGES IN LINEAR FORM.  There are two ways to display messages — "conversation" form, which is how the chat occurred in real life with messages and replies in the order that they were sent and received; and "linear" form, which is the display of messages by time stamp, regardless of which conversation they belong to and which message they are replying to.

Both ways give you the information, but conversation method allows you to follow the chat much easier.  1MobileSpy displays in linear form only.

REMOTE ACCESS TO THE FRONT AND REAR CAMERA IS EXCITING.  To have this incredible feature in a $40USD/yr spy app is incredible!  Remote access to the cameras give you a chance to see the surroundings of your child, which can alert you to a potential problem.

But having access to the FRONT camera is even more important in my opinion!  In the middle of a "chat" conversation with my kids, I can snap a picture with the front camera and verify whether it is really my kids chatting to me or my "Ex" pretending to be my kid!  I know it has happened before but without the camera, there is no way to prove it.


1-Mobile-Spy is NOT pretty, but it seems to be functioning correctly, providing features that other, more advanced spy apps do NOT provide.

Although Flexispy is much more "polished" and professional, if you wanted to obtain the same features as 1MobileSpy, you must pay $349/yr versus $40/yr with 1MobileSpy.

If you can afford it, Flexispy is a better program to choose because of the additional features provided like recording FaceBook audio chats and more; conversational view of messages, and many other functions.  But if you can't afford the expensive program, then 1MobileSpy might be the answer for you.


UPDATED 11-1-15 — NO UPDATES TO CONTROL PANEL:   For the second time in less than TWO WEEKS, 1mobilespy stopped updating the control panel.  I gave it five days to make sure it would not "heal itself".  Then I rebooted the phone.

Rebooting the phone appears to fix the problem and the control panel is again updated, including all the data from the days when there was no sync between the phone and the control panel.

Having Cerberus installed is helpful, because it allows for remote reboot, otherwise you must get your hands on the phone to force a reboot.

I again tested the ambient room recording and it worked very well.  The audio file was uploaded immediately to the control panel and the quality of the sound was quite good.

I took pictures using both the front and rear cameras.  The program acknowledged that the photos were being taken (the command was accepted), but I keep waiting for the pictures to appear in the Images section of the control panel with no luck.  In previous tests, this worked correctly — but it is not working at this moment.

GeoLocation has NOT updated since the phone and control panel stopped syncing.  I am looking at the data of the locations and it is still from five days previous.

I returned to the Dashboard section of the control panel and clicked on "get geolocation now".  After a few seconds, I received an error that device was not connected!  I also looked at the status page and noticed that the device had not connected in "5-30 minutes".

[BY THE WAY, this is my biggest complaint of the software.  These “status” reports are nice, but once the connection hasn’t been made for “x” hours, 1mobilespy should be reporting the DATE and TIME of last sync.  Instead, 1mobilespy reports “more than 30 minutes”.  Not real helpful when it hasn’t updated in more than five days.]

I logged into Cerberus to see if the device had really lost its internet connection.  Cerberus was unable to connect, indicating that it was not connected to the internet at that moment.

I am at a loss to understand this.  It must be a "fluke" that as soon as I retrieved the ambient noise recording audio file, the internet was disconnected.  30 minutes later, I am still waiting but can not access the phone.

[UPDATED 11-10-15:  Still no updates to control panel.  It appears that 1mobilespy suffers from the same problems as the other and more expensive apps — it just stops working for no reason!]

2 Comments to Updated Review of 1MobileSpy

  1. Curious says:

    How do you update the program? It stops working 1 peice t a time!

    • admin says:

      Hi Curious, yes, that is the same problem I had with spy app “1MobileSpy”.  In fact, it finally stopped updating completely.  My subscription expired and I stopped working with it.  It is based on a good idea, has great features (if they work), and of course, a low price.  But nothing else matters when the program doesn’t continue to update.  In my book, even though I initially liked the spy app 1MobileSpy, it has changed categories to “failure” in my estimation.

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