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Using 1MobileSpy Spy Cheating Software

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How to catch a cheating spouse?  How to catch a cheating boyfriend? girlfriend? Undetectable parental control spy app.  Are you using 1MobileSpy Spy Cheating Software?  Because those are the catch phrases that these programs all exclaim and I’m not impressed with this one …

1mobilespy win-spy

It appears to me that 1MobileSpy, AndroidSpy, and AndroidMonitor [UPDATE:  Android Monitor appears to have changed, and may not be selling the same software] are all selling the same software.  You will find that often in the “spy software” genre, as sales must be made through distributors/affiliates because this type of program is banned by the Google PlayStore.

[YES, they are banned because they are undetectable; do not install through the play store; and do not inform the user that they are installed on the phone.]

First, the program wanted me to setup my account and setup my control panel access profile.  That was easily done.

Next, it instructed me to install the software on the target phone and activate.  One of the things that was not clear is whether I could uninstall and re-install on another phone.

It appears to tie the install to the IMEI number of the phone, which (I’m guessing) will prevent me from uninstalling and re-installing on another phone.

[Highster mobile, the other software I still want to try, does not allow changes/transfers to other phones.  Thetruthspy / ispyoo that I have written about previously, DOES allow you to change the phones you are monitoring.]

While trying to access the control panel, their servers appeared to be down, and I was unable to log into my control panel for three minutes.  This was a bad sign but I decided to keep going and continue the test. [UPDATE: 2 months later when I was planning to install and run the tests of this app, the control panel was down again for one day.  Read the update at the bottom of this page]

Although I can’t test anything further until I install on a target phone, I did notice on the control panel that there was a tab for “geo fence”.  A geo fence is an imaginary circle created around the “usual” area that the phone is located.  If the phone travels outside of that “usual and customary” area, a notification would occur.  I’ll put this in my reminder as one of the functions to try out; it is an easy to implement function, but you don’t see it included in “catch your cheating spouse” spy apps often.

When I was able to get into the control panel, I noticed that it is poorly coded.  It is slow and choppy, and some of the options return errors when you click on them!  There is a demo account to show what you “should see” if you were using the software.

One of the benefits on this software is the price ($29.95 per year) and cheaper if you can find the specials.  Whether it is worth this money or not remains to be seen.

[The website shows $29.95 per MONTH on one page; but the buy now page shows $29.95 per YEAR.  In search engines, you will see $19.95 per year and $39.95 per year.]

1mobilespy, android spy, mobile spy

Google pages showing the software at $19.95, $29.95 and $39.95.

Something else I don’t like — there is NO way to access the program once installed on the phone, and no built-in method to remove the software.  Supposedly, according to the instructions, removal can only occur in the control panel.  My concern is that it might remove it from the control panel, but NOT remove it from the phone — meaning you would need to use other, non specified methods to remove the app from the target phone if you decide to stop using it.

With a Rooted phone, the sales literature states it will monitor WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype.  It specifically excludes Viber, WeChat and Line.


UPDATE:  Two months later.  I decided to give a try on a Samsung Tab 4 8.0 (SM-T335).  But before I installed it, I wanted to make sure that my “account” was still active as I would need it to view logs once the software was installed.  Regardless of what I did, I could not get the login-page to respond.

From what I could tell, none of their pages have been updated in more than 3 months.  I guess they are gone …. which means I won’t be testing the program!

1mobilespy login

“ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” is owned by “” and Solaris IT … and win-spy has some not-too-nice security complaints listed in great detail here:


Well, apparently they are NOT out of business like I thought.

1mobilespy (REVIEW IN PROCESS):  $69.95? (or 19.95 – 39.95) per year for one device.  (The only one that mentions taking pictures using front or back camera; but most of web site not working). [UPDATE: no more login page, appears to be out of business  The next morning, I tried to connect to the login page and the service was available.  There was a “live chat” button active on the home page so I asked “support” why their login was down yesterday.  The reply:  “Ok, it is back.  Up and Running”.  Which is NOT what I asked.]  When the LOGIN Page is unavailable and the service doesn’t take responsibility and admit what the problem was, I have no respect for them.  I won’t be reviewing the software.  Who wants to install and pay for software but then not be able to access the control panel to review the data???

1mobilespy in chat

I suggest you avoid 1MobileSpy.  It is a spy app that can’t complete its mission.





2 Comments to Using 1MobileSpy Spy Cheating Software

  1. Todd Gillman says:

    Well this is a huge heads up. I think anyone looking for this app would be happy to know about all of the issues that you found with it and the site. Good review!

    • admin says:

      Yes, it is true that I had a lot of issues, but read my updated reviews after I installed and tested the software, here and here.

      I am not writing 1mobilespy off the list because 1) the owner/developer responds to support requests; 2) the software is quite cheaply priced and provides HUGE features in line with the expensive apps and 3) it works most of the time — only requiring a reboot sometimes. And a remote reboot can be accomplished with Cerberus.

      I will keep watching it as I think it has great potential. Just remember though, “it ain’t pretty”! :)

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