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Using TheTruthSpy on the Rooted Samsung S4

Spying on your spouse secret spy app

Continuing on with my secret spy app experiments … Using TheTruthSpy on the rooted Samsung S4 (gt-i9500).  Here is the status of the program so far:


GPS (as well as WIFI/Cellular Tower) Tracking is working.

Spying on your spouse secret spy app

The settings for TheTruthSpy; GPS interval set to every 60 minutes; provided the phone has moved more than 200m from the last location.

Secret spy phone parental control app

Log from the TheTruthSpy showing location checks ever 15 minutes. Even through the previous settings is shown to be every 60 minutes.

WEIRD ANOMALY LOCATION REPORTING NOT WORKING:  Prior to May 21, the phone was at my house and was updating GPS location as it was supposed to.  On May 22, I moved the phone from my house to my kid’s location, and the location stopped updating on BOTH TheTruthSpy and Followmee!  Yet, Location is still turned on; Google location history is still being updated; and the phone is connected to WIFI!

I turned off GPS on the evening of the 21st, but left the LOCATION setting to ON (for highest battery saving settings).  Three days have passed on neither of these applications (TTS or Followmee) are updating with the location.  Followmee is capable of tracking other than GPS using WIFI and cellular towers — yet it is not reporting any locations.

When she uses VIBER (see my write up later on the site), I am able to get her location — in other words, “LOCATION” is on and working.

EVEN WORSE!  In previous installations, TheTruthSpy stops working about two weeks into the install.  Like Clockwork, on the ROOTED SAMSUNG S4, two weeks after install, ALL UPDATES HAVE STOPPED!!!  I won’t have access to this phone for more than six weeks two months… at which time I will need to uninstall and re-install this worthless program again!


Ambient Call Recording is working.  I was able to easily record the room where the phone was located.

SMS History, Facebook History and Viber History are all working.

URL Log is working after I switched her browser to Chrome.



Features NOT Working:

URL Log.  Even though this phone is using the “default” browser, urls visited are not being displayed in the call log.  TheTruthSpy states that it supports the default browser and Chrome.  Perhaps I will install Chrome later to see if it works …

I rechecked my notes, and when the phone was NOT rooted, the URL log actually worked!  This is what I mean about the poor quality of these apps — you can’t be sure ANYTHING will work even though the phone is “compatible” according to the spy software provider.


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