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Monitor Your Kids Location Using Viber Application for Android Mobile

viber location on off setting

Monitor your kids location using Viber application for android mobile!  Since I communicate with my kids through IM services, specifically WECHAT, I decided to migrate them over to VIBER.  Viber provides location broadcasting per user.  Also, TheTruthSpy and others will report Viber history (but NOT WeChat), so any other chats they have will get recorded.

Plus, with Viber, I can see when they were online last and whether my last message was delivered or seen — neither of which could be done with WeChat.

In other words, their location can be sent to those contacts that they have specifically activated location broadcasting.  I explained to them that they must keep the “blue arrow” at the bottom of my chat screen “ON” at all times.

turning location setting on and off for viber


Now when they send messages to me, I can get an idea of where they are.  Since I turned GPS “off” on their phones (as they are inside more than outside, and GPS helps to kill their battery), “location” services depend on WIFI signals and cellular towers — meaning that their location is reported far from their actual physical location.  However, it lets me know quickly if they have gone to the next town to visit grammy, or their mom is taking them on another road-trip that I have been informed of.  Viber location tracking accuracy can be hit or miss.

Viber is actually pretty quirky and if not for the reporting of location, I would likely not use it.  “Stickers” downloaded must continually update, which makes me think that Viber is a more internet intensive IM service than any of the others.

Confirmed … Viber bandwidth usage is high — it is a bandwidth hog.  Most likely due to the substantially larger (and nicer) stickers that Viber uses, Viber uses a lot more bandwidth than WeChat, and most likely, WhatsApp.  This morning, I wrote down the balance of their available internet usage, then waited for them to send me the usual good morning messages and stickers.  After receiving them and checking again, the balance had dropped almost 40mb — quite a substantial drop considering this is only for IM service.

But considering the problems I have had with the spy ware (monitoring programs), it is nice to have an “easy” way to quickly check and see where they are.

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