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Ability to Record Surroundings of the Target Phone (“Room Bug”)?

listening to what is going on in the room

ability to record room surroundings undetected and hidden

Highster Mobile no longer allows “ambient recording” — which means, you can’t turn on the microphone of the target phone and listen to what is being said around you.  What spy app offers the ability to record surroundings of the target phone (“Room Bug”)?

It is believed that they removed this feature after the “stealthgenie” arrest and $500,000 fine.  It appears that Highster has some ties to the USA and had to make changes to stay legal.  Many of the other “spy” software companies have also begun to change.  Mspy and mobistealth no longer offers this feature.

To read more, search for “stealthgenie” arrest and you will see hundreds of articles, comments, and government announcements.

Other companies have begun removing all references such as “spy software”, and “spy on cheating spouse”, etc., from their websites, in an effort to downplay the surreptitious aspect of the software app they provide.

The call recording and the ambient sounds (“room bug”) feature of thetruthspy did work on one of the phones I tested (the “Lenovo”.  It did not work on the Elephones, and I did not test on Samsung phones).  In fact, this was one of the few features that DID work, but wasn’t anything that I was particularly interested in.

I was very surprised at how well this feature worked.  I could hear the activity around the phone very clearly.  Same with the recorded calls, although the “person on the other end” wasn’t as clear, and wasn’t near as loud as the person using the targeted phone.  However, it was still quite usable.

Making TTS upload all the recorded calls are what caused the app to stop functioning.  That is really too bad, as the truth spy could be a good program if it wasn’t so buggy, and actually had more features that worked.

If you are going to use these features, I would be cautious about it if the target does not have WIFI access most of the time.  From my limited experience, GPRS/3G data uploads may not be enough, and may cause the program to fail.

MISSING FEATURE … While I was using the call record feature, I was thinking about how it could be made better.  In my situation, I only wanted to record and review calls made or received from TWO phone numbers — none of the others mattered.  The software might work more efficiently if there was a way to specify WHICH calls are to be recorded.

3 Comments to Ability to Record Surroundings of the Target Phone (“Room Bug”)?

  1. Ben Cook says:

    You know what, until I read through a review on your site I didn’t realize that I could record sound from a phone in another room. That is going to be VERY helpful for me. Thanks!

  2. Valentina says:

    Hi, cool and thank you to write this review, very interesting. I have used exactspy on samsung core, ambient voice recording worked good until it failed. Now I am using, still exactspy, on HTC desire, even more functions are working but, for me the most important, ambient voice recording, is not recording. Not anything. Could it be that HTC cel doesn't allow this function. I thought maybe something went wrong during installation. Because support after soooo many times asking for help, never answered. Maybe you have an advise for me. Thank you so much.

    • admin says:

      Hi Valentina,

      ExactSpy is the same program as “TheTruthSpy” and Ispyoo, which I have written about extensively.  You mentioned that you were able to get some technical support for a while and I find that amazing — no one has been able to tell me that!  When you installed ExactSpy, do you remember the name of the file that was installed?  It should have said “ispyoo” in the name.

      As to HTC – I have no experience with it.  However, I seriously doubt that HTC doesn’t “allow” the ambient recording.  Is the phone rooted?  Did you verify that it is rooted?   Which HTC model and which Android Operating System.

      And as aggravating as it seems, uninstalling, and then re-installing with the latest version often clears some of the problems. 

      Thanks – hope to hear more from you. 

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