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Whats App Text Spy Hack: Myth or Reality

whats app hacking

People fall victim to internet scams every day, looking for "cheap", "easy" or by being convinced they can do something "they aren't supposed to do".  Take WhatsApp for example.  There are hundreds of websites giving details about "hacking WhatsApp" and being able to read someone's messages, AND reply to those messages as if you were that person!

whats app hacking

Some sites tell you that you can "call" your friends phone and their software will automatically install the necessary software to access the friend's whatsapp … even if your friend doesn't answer!

I'm not making this up — people fall for this every day, and pay money for these programs.  Money that is wasted and will not get refunded.  "Sorry that it didn't work for YOUR phone; but it does work so we can't help you or refund you."

whatsapp hack vaporware

There are dozens of webpages and Youtube videos and paid testimonials to convince you that this works.  There is a lot of money to be made here — are you really going to cause that much trouble when you find out that the ILLEGAL software you attempted to purchase was a rip-off??  You sent money to a company trying to sell an ILLEGAL SOFTWARE HACK.  I doubt if very many people complain about getting ripped off!

But lets be honest — the only reason someone wants to obtain an ILLEGAL method of spying on messengers like WhatsApp is because they don't have permission or legitimate rights to monitor a WhatsApp account.

For example, a company that provides cell phones will usually have employees sign a waiver stating that the company monitors all communications on the assigned phone and there is no "expectation of privacy".  This is the same type of disclaimer that companies use for at-work computers.  The point is — if you choose to use this computer, you do so with the understanding that it is monitored.

With parental monitoring, the concept is similar, except that a parent has the responsibility to monitor what his or her child is doing.  It is too easy now to build another "life" in the internet real estate that could be both dangerous and life-threatening to the child.  The only way a parent will know about the alternate ego if if the parent is monitoring the phone.

[EVERY TIME I write about the need for parental monitoring, I refer to some of the court cases that were relevant at the time of this post.  In New York, and Colorado, students have been arrested and charged with distributing indecent material AND CHILD PORN.  They chose to share a video of two classmates have sexual relations.  But here is the worse part:  "… the students arrested, both 14 years old, are being charged with disseminating indecent material to minors and promoting a sexual performance by a child—both class D felonies—as well as sexual abuse in the third degree".  And in most states, upon conviction (or a guilty plea), these 14-year old kids will be made to register as SEXUAL OFFENDERS on the "sex offenders registry".

Do you see the need for parental monitoring of cell phones yet?

The way WhatsApp functions is no different.  If it is installed on the phone, then it can be monitored.  And it can be monitored with quality software that will keep a parent abreast of what is going on.

There are different levels of WhatsApp monitoring.  Most surveillance apps or "spy apps" as they are unfortunately called, can monitor the text messages that are sent and received within the WhatsApp program.

But WhatsApp contains OTHER ways of communication besides text-only messaging.  Users can send pictures to each other; can send icons or "stickers" to each other; and can record audio messages to send back-and-forth to any person.

A parent must understand that NOT ALL APPS will monitor the pictures, stickers, and audio messages.  As with most things in life, the more advanced the "need", the higher the price.  Apps that provide this capability are at the upper limits of the pricing — but still "reasonable" depending on need.

I found that depending on how "private" the child's "space" is, determined whether they used audio messages or text messages.  If they were in a place where no one could hear them talk, AND their friend/recipient was also in a safe place, many preferred audio messages.  If you are not using a spy app that monitors all parts of WhatsApp, how much of the conversation will you miss?

The bottom line is WhatsApp can be monitored safely and conveniently by using a parental monitoring app (NOT a "hack") installed on your child's smart phone — either Android or Iphone.  But it is up to you to understand the limitations of the software you choose to install and the types of monitoring that software will provide.


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