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WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Facebook and Line Secret Phone Spy Software

highster mobile spy app review

We have all seen the ads:
“How to catch a cheating husband on whatsapp””How to catch a cheating wife on Viber”
“How to catch a cheating spouse on WeChat”
“How to catch a cheating boyfriend on Facebook”
“How to catch a cheating girlfriend on Line”


When you are looking for software to monitor the social chat apps listed above, you should read reviews to make sure that SOMEONE has tested the software and the chat app you need really can be monitored.

For instance, TheTruthSpy does NOT monitor “WeChat”.

Highster Mobile says it monitors “WeChat” and even has a special setting for “WeChat”.  But it doesn’t work.

highster mobile spy app review

wechat spy app highster mobile

And to show how bad these products are, Highster Mobile started displaying sms messages today after 4 months of no messages.  Nothing changed on the target phone.  Out of nowhere, the SMS/Text section was updated.  How long before it stops working again?

highster decides to work 7-26-15

Tests with WhatsApp and Viber have worked out; but you don’t see the stickers on Viber, which means you lose part of the conversation.  Same with Skype.  Some even monitor Yahoo messenger.  Does anyone still use Yahoo messenger (Yahoo IM)?

Some show Twitter and Line; but I have never tested these.

Facebook means FACEBOOK MESSENGER only.  If your target logs in to facebook with a browser and sends messages, you will not see them in your control panel.  In other words, you won’t catch them letting others use their phones to access other facebook accounts.

Root is 99.9% required to access the social chat apps.

Message Threading:  TheTruthSpy has the best message threading of all of the apps tested so far.  Threading of messages is important when you are trying to follow a conversation.  It doesn’t sound that important when I write it, but trust me, when you try to figure out what your kid is saying with ONE person and they are having text discussions with 15 friends at once, you will want to bang your head against the wall.

Threaded messages means you see "how" the conversation occurred in a normal back and forth fashion.

WARNING:  It also comes down to your phone and the compatibility with the spy app you have chosen.  I have heard of different versions of the same phone not operating the same way.  I found that to be true with the Samsung s4.  Others reported that a particular function worked; but for my phone, it did not.

SECOND WARNING:  You need ROOT to access these features.  If you donot already have, or are not willing to ROOT your device, you will NOT get access to these features.

Usually rooting is a point-and-click process, however bad things can occur, as in the case of me turning my Samsung Tab 4 into a soft brick.  It is a chance you take — and phones tied to specific carriers (ie: special customer versions of phones) may have problems once you attempt to root.

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