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Why aren’t there any honest reviews of spy apps?

paid spy app reviews

Why??  Why aren’t there HONEST reviews of spy apps?  Thousands upon thousands of licenses are sold daily — yet people aren’t taking the time to praise (or blast) the software they purchased!

All the reviews I found are tied to an affiliate program and the writer wanting to get you to buy the “really good program” so that he can collect as much as 50-75% commission!

There is no honest information.  All of the “review” comes from the software provider.  Take this for example — a review of “highster mobile” from one of the “top 10 review” sites … “PROS: one time fee.  CONS: not many features”.  That is the entire meat of the review!  Absolutely infuriating that there is such a lack of information on the subject.


shill reviews of spy apps are everywhereThey all say the same thing:  “Why should you read and trust this review?  Because I have really used it”.  Bullshit.  If you really used it, you would report step by step, item by item — what works and what does not work — something only a REAL user would have access to.

Need an example?  “The product is good. I recommend it to anyone. the seller fulfilled with details.  FOR THE PRICE WAS HAVING SUPER.”  Yes, that is a “real” review reprinted VERBATIM.

Another example:  If you “really used” a particular software, you would know that you were successful (or unsuccessful) in monitoring WeChat remotely.  Or that it doesn’t update the WIFI status online.  REAL information that can only be obtained from REALLY, HONESTLY installing and trying the software.

Youtube reviews … all paid reviews or reviews that link to their affiliate code.   For a big $5, people will make fake reviews.  Go to fiverr and search for “Testimonials & Reviews by Actors”.

“Parental Control Programs” are just as bad.  A list of apps with reviews that do not give real world examples of what works and what doesn’t.

WHY DID I PUT THIS SITE ONLINE?  I decided to document my experience in the spy phone app / parental control app world.  The prices of the apps are all over the map — from $39 per license to $399 per phone per year!  It is completely ridiculous; especially when you find that 90% of the features don’t work on your phone and you can *NEVER* get support.  That means:  NEVER GET A REFUND.

Plus, I wanted the posts to be displayed sequentially … the same way that I am writing them.  That way, as I continue to experiment with the various programs, my updates are listed in the same order as I wrote them.

I hope to experiment with a few more programs and continue to update this site.

Are you using a secret spy app to catch your cheating husband/boyfriend/dog?  Share you experiences; what works and what doesn’t work.  What was your experience with the install?  or your anti-virus software?  Did you get caught?  How much did you pay?  Did you need support?  Did you get support?  Is it worth what you paid?  What features were really important to you?

Use the contact form on this site and share it!

5 Comments to Why aren’t there any honest reviews of spy apps?

  1. Jeffery Mauer says:

    I feel that your site provides a great service. To put the money up to give these a try takes a lot of time and effort. I appreciate that very much! Good luck with your site.

    BTW, not having links to other sites or products is a bold move that most other sites would not do!

    • admin says:

      Hi Jeff, thanks for the comment. I chose to “put the money up” because I am really monitoring my kids and I wanted to share my experiences. I never thought I would be providing so much information! I thought it would be a few posts about the install and I would be finished! It doesn’t work like that because every day that I use the spy apps, I find so many things to share.

      QUOTE: “not having links to other sites or products is a bold move”
      Ultimately I would like to find ONE spy app that I would be willing to stand behind. One application that I know works well, offers support, a guarantee and accurate tracking of all the major applications on today’s cell phones that kids have. After seven months though, I am no where near finding anything that good!!

  2. admin says:

    This comment was received by email from Annette on May 21, 2016

    Subject: best cell spy non jail break for i phone ios 9.3.2??

    Message Body:
    What did you like best? it seems that nothing is really good???


    Annette, there are two problems here:  First, we are all "apple-haters"; our phone of choice is android.  Second, because of #1, none of us have Apples, nor the opportunity to work with Apple IOS.  I spent a few minutes reading some notes about Apple and Spy Apps, and I came across the same information that I'm sure did.  We never reveiwed XNSPY ($150 annually) … we mentioned it here: but never gave it a second look because of the HUGE number of fake reviews on the internet — that is usually an instant "turn-off" to us. 

    Ownspy (same software as Spyera) also advertise Apple non-jailbreak compatibility (although "Spyera" states that jailbreak is necessary!).  But Ownspy uses deceptive advertising (advertising itself as a "free hack" for IOS 9) when in fact, it is one of the more expensive programs on the market.  It is another of the apps that we didn't review.

    Mspy also advertises compatibility with non-jailbreak Apple phones, as long as you have the icloud credentials.  If it were me, I would probably try Mspy first, but only because Mspy is SO big and has been around for so long.  As for Android, we decided not to test Mspy because of a number of features we considered to be lacking; but since you have a different need (ie: non-jailbroken Apple), I would consider giving them a try.

    Regardless of what you try, we would love to have your reviews to share with other potential parents!

    Thanks for the email.

  3. Ranita says:


    DOn't know if this could be a platform to share things, but is there any spy app where you could install an app without having access to the phone. 

    I am going through a lot. 


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