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Why is my GPS Showing Wrong Location?

wrong gps location showing

“Why is my GPS Showing Wrong Location?”  In Google Location History, two of my kids phones are showing that they went to the SAME location 25 miles from the house; and were able to get from that location back to the house in under 3 minutes — an impossible scenario based on distance, traffic and routing.  It continues to repeat this scenario for the past few days.

And each time they show a location that is correct, the history shows this (EXACT, never changing) incorrect location minutes before the correct location is shown.  This strange location is always EXACTLY THE SAME!

These are two of the phones that have monitoring applications on them.  The first, thetruthspy, has never given GPS locations from this phone.  The second, using highster mobile. shows the same data — including the fact that the phone was allegedly at this far-away location at just before midnight, and then 2am this morning.  Oh, and according to the GPS, they came home around 1am first!

I have been told these possible issues could be causing the false reporting:

1.  There is a WIFI router *NOW* located near their house that *USED TO BE* located at the far-away location.  In other words, the explanation is that Google indexed the WIFI router when it was at the far away location; and if the device can’t give a more true/exact GPS coordinate, it reverts to whatever Google “sees” to determine its position.  In this case, it identifies the router and says the phone is also at that far away location.

I don’t really understand that because Google should be seeing that the cell tower where the phone is connected is NO WHERE NEAR the reported location.

If I could figure out WHY Google sees this information, them maybe I could figure it out further.  For example, if  I could find out the name of the WIFI router than Google is seeing, maybe I could look on available wifi’s on my phone when I am near their home and see if I see the wifi.

[A FIX? NOT REALLY FOR ME.  Google says that to “help” fix this issue, (assuming it is YOUR router that you moved, or you know where the faulty router is located and can get to it) … GO to the router; connect your wifi to that router; be outside and make sure your GPS is on.  That will send the correct GPS of your location and the local router name which will “help” it update its location].

2.  A problem with the cell phone tower reporting.  That one is beyond me as I can’t figure out how this can be accurate, as there are probably 250 towers or more between the house and the far away site.

What about WIFI routers with the same name?  Google says that it obtains the MAC address of each router and uses that number rather than the name you have assigned to your WIFI router.


Tips for improving your device’s location accuracy

Your location is dependent on several sources – GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular data, and device hardware.  If you’re experiencing location issues on your device, please give these following steps a try:

  • Make sure your device has a clear view of the sky: GPS may not work indoors, in a parking garage, surrounded by buildings, in the mountains, underground, etc.

  • Ensure that your location settings are enabled.

  • Turn on Wi-Fi: Your device doesn’t need to be connected to any Wi-Fi networks, but keeping Wi-Fi on allows Google’s location service to work better.



Secondly Location history is also not a part of Google Maps its is part of your Google account. Location history is not always a true GPS lock sometimes (cell phones also have an error margin of 4 to 10 metres). It uses what is known as AGPS which stands for assisted GPS meaning it uses cell phone towers for triangulation this causes a much larger error margin. This is especially true inside of structures where GPS signals have trouble penetrating. Your location history is also not constantly monitored causing jumps in your location as the system sometimes just estimates your location as it is not designed to show a pin point location all the time.


It doesn’t only happen with GOOGLE.  I finally documented an instance where both Google History and Highster Mobile show one of my phones in the wrong place when it was not possible to be there.  That is a problem when using cellular mobile towers and wifi for location services.

wrong gps location showing








This is Google History showing that my wife was at our neighbors house while we were watching tv at our house!


example of highster showing same location as google








And this screen capture is from highster mobile showing the same location error as Google at the exact same time.

At least these errors are close together (less than 2000 feet).

2 Comments to Why is my GPS Showing Wrong Location?

  1. TROSL says:


    I have the EXACT same problem. It states my spouse is nearby the house when he is really 15 minutes at work and I have confirmation on such mistake as I have been in the same spot the GPS location tracker said my husband was when I was present. It also always shows the SAME three locations. It indicated he goes back in forth from the locations to his work in less than ten minutes without stopping at the very house it always shows he goes in. It’s impossible since his work is located 15 minutes away. To pay such large sum of money for inaccurate locations is pathetic. FLEXISpy is filled with false and fabricated reviews. I had SPYERA prior FLEXISpy and it was SHIT. I am 100% sure it is the same company as FLEXISPY as when I purchased, I had to obtain a code from SPYERA in which their custom service took over 3 days to hear and FLEXISPY magically obtained it from them in live chat.

    This is madness! Truly! For the price, it is not worth it. You’d think you’d be getting some high quality software as advertised but it is just horrific. You can’t even block numbers on the software! You can’t even block incoming calls! You can’t even have an accurate location! You can’t even hear a recording without noise. You can’t do much other than see call logs, determine false locations, read texts and barely record. It just is not worth it. There aren’t any honest reviews online and those honest ones are taken legal action against. DO NOT BUY!

  2. admin says:

    TROSL: I share your frustration. As to the call recording, we must remember that thetruthspy is one of the last on the “spy software frontier” to still offer it. Yes, it could be better. I said all along it would be better for the customer and less server intensive if the customer could choose to record ALL calls or program up to five numbers that they wish to monitor.

    The inaccurate locations in my situation are likely due to my not using GPS all the time and depending on cellular towers/wifi locations. Did you try the same tests with GPS on?

    You are so right: you can’t block numbers; you can’t block calls; you can’t block programs or apps. But I do need to be fair and say that when I used the call recording feature, in my particular case, it was quite clear.

    And as of today, I have noticed that thetruthspy has removed “facebook” montitoring from my control panel and added something called OLA, which I think is a messenger from Vietnam.

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