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You Can Install Spy App Without Access to Target Phone

no install without possession of the phone

It is a myth.  The NSA might be able.  But you are not going to install spy app without access to target phone.  There is no way.

Just like you aren’t going to spy on text messages without access to the target phone. There are thousands and thousands of internet pages with titles like this intended to lure you in by the promise of “secret spy app installation” methods.

They don’t exist.  Spy apps that can secretly be installed without the phone’s user noticing the installation, or the anti-virus going crazy when the hack tool is installed.  Secret remote installations of spy apps exists in fantasy (and NSA toolkits!).

I have written another post recently explaining how I am tired of reading the sales pitches of “install our spy app in five minutes or less!”.  I have installed many of them now and MOST of the time, it isn’t possible to install in a few minutes.

Just think of the obvious reasons why this is an issue:  most android phones are locked to disallow unknown installations.  This setting must be changed to install spy apps (even when you are holding the phone and installing the spy app, you must change this setting).

Then you must get the installation package (apk) onto the phone.  After the download, the anti-virus software usually kicks in and says that you now have a “potentially unwanted program” or “hacktool” on your phone and will ask if you wish to delete it.

And these are all messages that will pop up on the screen and require an entry (making a choice) to continue.  That is far from “secret” installation.

Plus every version of Android OS is slightly different.  Manufacturers have tweaked and changed the OS to suit their phone and knowing exactly how a particular phone will operate with such an install is difficult.  I would think that off-brand or non-branded cell phones would be almost immune because no hack developer would be targeting the lower 10% of phone brands.

And then there are the other unforeseeable problems like running out of disk space; interacting with a rare virus protection program; download file stored in an unusual location, etc.

Some programs talk about “bluetooth” installations.  To be possible, the sending phone must be within the immediate location of the target phone, and the target phone MUST HAVE BLUETOOTH ON!  What percentage of people always have bluetooth on?

In my situation, (if you have been reading my posts), you will see that I have experienced many frustrations when installing spy apps.  I had other apps installed that I didn’t know would detect spy apps (like CleanSweep).  If I only had five minutes to install, I would have never seen the warning notices from other apps — but I’ll bet the target phone user would see the warnings — and then I would be busted.

YOU MUST HAVE POSSESSION OF THE TARGET PHONE TO INSTALL SPY APPS … and you absolutely need more than five minutes.

Don’t fall for the myth.  You will not install spy apps remotely.

[CLARIFICATION:  Some of the spy app providers will (for a fee) install the spy app for you (REMOTELY) if you have the phone in your possession.  If it is not in your possession, the spy app CAN NOT be installed.]


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