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You Can Not Install Spy On Android Apps in Five Minutes!

no installation in five minutes

If you read all the sales literature for MOST of the parental control apps, or secret spy apps and programs, you will always find questions as to “how long do I need to have possession of the phone to intall this spy app?”.  And 90% of the time, the answer is “about five minutes”.

Well, let me be the first to tell you:  You can not install spy on android apps in five minutes!

From Highster Mobileinstall spy apps in five minutes


To quote my favorite frenchman, “Bullshit!”.  Think about these steps …

1.  Find the secret apk from the website and download
2.  Install.  Oops, forgot to change security settings to allow install of unknown apps.  Find and change settings.

blocked installation of apps from unknown sources
3.  Delete old apk.
4.  Reboot.  (do you have their password so you can enter it correctly upon a reboot?  is their phone encrypted and do you have their encryption code?)  If their phone is protected by password and you don’t know the password, you will not be able to gain access after the reboot!
5.  View the status bar for any warnings.
6.  Go to avast if installed.  Scan the phone, locate the warnings for this program, tell it to ignore.  Then with avast, you must SCAN AGAIN, or the status bar will not stop reporting a found danger (and it can’t be cleared).
7.  Other programs can find the spy app.  For example we use “clean sweep” just to delete the junk that builds up in the phone.  The only program is that it has a anti-virus detection section.  Since we don’t use it for that, I didn’t check it.   A few hours later, it began popping up on the screen that a virus was found!  I had to go through and find the “ignore app” section!

Because this phone had problems with slow downs, I had a speed booster installed along with the junk cleaner mentioned above.  The next morning, the speed booster was reporting MALWARE/VIRUS installed!  I didn’t know that it had any type of virus detection!

When I installed TTS on the Lenovo, a pre-installed app went crazy.  I was never able to find the option to ignore, permit, etc., and was forced to de-activate the app completely.  Since I didn’t know this anti-virus/security app existed (as I didn’t install it), this took a lot longer than five minutes just working with it!

The point is, you can’t install secret spy apps and be ready for all these issues in five minutes!   You will need to be prepared for these unforeseen issues.  It is better to NOT install the app than to get caught with all the warnings that might pop up.

Plus, based on the experiences I have had, within a few weeks of installing the programs (app), you will likely need to uninstall and re-install because some parts will stop working.  You should warn “the target” in advance, that you will want to take their phone from them in a few weeks and perform “updates”.  But that excuse only works if you have given them a new phone.

Another idea is to install some type of app that you want to check the results of.  For example, install a battery monitoring program like GSam, and tell “the target” about it — as well as tell them you will take their phone in a few weeks because you want to review the results of running with the battery monitor, so that you can make some tweaks to make their battery life longer.

This should give you a “valid” reason to take their phone and if need be, re-install the tracking program.


samsung warning1


Samsung generated warning.



samsung warning2


Du Speed Booster detected the TTS and displayed warnings the next morning!



samsung warning3


Avast wasn’t happy and continued to report malware.



samsung warning4


After clearing the previous message, another was shown.  At least this one offered the “Ignore” option.



samsung warning5


And another pop up warning.



spy app installation warning


Then the junk remover started with its report of malware.



spy app shown in avast warnings


Second screen shows that “malware / Trojan” is installed and can take over the phone.


The point is, you can’t be sure which applications are going to detect the monitoring software.  The longer you have the phone, the better.  And reboot the phone repeatedly (as long as you have the pin codes to enter when the phone reboots!!).

Look for any programs that have any type of virus scan installed (Avast, most battery boosters and space cleaners, plus other virus programs).  They will need to be told to “scan” and if they find the monitoring, they need to be instructed to “ignore” the app.

Many programs with virus detection will pop up a warning box with two choices — “IGNORE” and “DEACTIVATE” (or “UNINSTALL”).  ONE BUTTON!  That is how fast all your hard work can be undone.

Even a child who doesn’t understand too much will understand the message “VIRUS FOUND” — “IGNORE or UNINSTALL”.


[UPDATE WEEKS LATER!  I logged in to to make sure I had remembered to activate all the settings, and looked at the infection tab.  Imagine my surprise at seeing this:

avast spyware parental control infection warning online

The dates of the download and installation of “Ispyoo” / “TheTruthSpy” coincide with the dates that I re-installed the tracking program.  Even though I thought I was aware of the in-phone warnings, I didn’t know that these warnings would appear on line.  If your target checks their avast online, you might get busted.]




3 Comments to You Can Not Install Spy On Android Apps in Five Minutes!

  1. bobby says:

    fantastic post!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Bobby. I wrote this post because I was slightly angry at all the posts about how “fast” you can install spy apps. It is so unrealistic and gives a false sense of protection to the person doing the install. As I have said many times already, buying a new phone and giving as a gift is the best way to guarantee your monitoring ability.

  3. Victor Mandez says:

    I think that you are going to run into more of this as newer phones hit the market and they try to protect you again apps that spy. That is too bad, I really wanted to keep track of my kids, but I am not sure how I am going to do that now.

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